The Joy of Safety: A Message From Connie Muncy, Administrator, Utilities Practice Specialty


In my many travels talking with safety professionals from around the U.S., in fact, around the globe, it seems that although we entered the profession in various ways, we all have one thing in common--a passionate desire to help others. I frequently find myself telling people, “Safety people are some of the greatest people I know.” They are dedicated and take almost heroic strides to get the job done.

They are also self-sacrificing. Regardless of our passion for the subject and our desire to help others, sometimes we need help ourselves. This is hard for us to recognize or admit, since we spend our entire career focused on the well-being of others. But if we don’t take care of ourselves, we lack the strength to take care of anyone else.

There are times when we go to the well for strength, but the well is empty, or almost empty (especially for those who work in the 24/7 critical infrastructure paradigm of water, gas and electric utilities). These are the times it is most important for us to connect to our safety peers. I can think of few people who have attended a PDC, Leadership Conference, or other major safety event who didn’t come away refreshed and invigorated, with a renewed sense of purpose and strength, after spending time with fellow safety professionals. We share stories and laughter, we offer a shoulder to cry on, we cry on a shoulder, we share our victories and our defeats, and we find new ways to approach our challenges and our obstacles. We remember why we gravitated toward this profession and we come away with a renewed strength, along with some new friends and some memorable experiences. We take this strength back to work with us and with each small victory we reach back and feed on that joy of safety.


Left to right: Utilities Practice Specialty Executive Committee members Jessica Richardson, Connie Muncy, Bill Paolello, David Driver, Stephen Brooks, and a member we lovingly refer to as “Member 320” who traveled all the way from Turkey to join us at Safety 2017. Now that’s the spirit!

Work hard to do your part, but remember, to stay effective you must take care of yourself, too; be sure to look for ways to connect with your safety peers.

Your family in ASSE and the Utilities Practice Specialty offer many ways to get involved and network; be sure to take advantage. Feel free to reach out to any member of our Advisory Committee for ideas on ways to connect.

We look forward to hearing from you, meeting you, sharing with you, and hopefully getting a laugh out of you!

Connie Muncy
Administrator, Utilities Practice Specialty


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