Family Scholarship Fund

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Former Assistant Secretary of Labor John Henshaw explains why we need to support these families

About the Family Scholarship Fund

Every day, thousands of ASSE members strive to protect their fellow workers. Our members embrace this profession so that millions of workers around the world can go home at night in the same condition they arrived that morning.

But we know workplace deaths occur at a rate of twelve fatalities every day in the United States alone. We also know firsthand how enormous the impact of one workplace death can be to a family and a community. As dedicated and compassionate professionals, we want to support the families of those who have died and in some small way minimize the impact of such tragedy. We established the Family Scholarship Fund to provide financial assistance to families who have lost a loved one in a workplace incident.

The Family Scholarship Fund will provide college funding for families affected by a workplace tragedy. Our hope is that these scholarships, open to spouses and children of those who have died from a workplace incident, will minimize the financial impact of the loss while encouraging continuing education. We are not staffed or institutionally suited to offer many of the services that these families need, but our experience in scholarship management will allow us to assist families in achieving educational goals, crucial for long-term stability.

Men and women who die as a result of workplace tragedy remain in our hearts. Their memories stay with us as we do our work, and we will not forget them or their families.

More details on the Family Scholarship Fund can be found on the ASSE Foundation site.