Vol. 13, No. 8

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Upcoming Events
August 2
Math Review
August 3-5
ASP Workshop
August 3-5
Corporate Safety Management
August 6-8
CSP Workshop
August 12
Webinar: Researching Predictive Analytics and Jobsite Safety: Key Findings
August 16
Math Review
August 17-19
ASP Workshop
August 20-22
CSP Workshop
August 26
Webinar: Risk Assessment and Hazard Control - Systems Safety and Process Safety

ASSE Election Nominations Deadline

The deadline for 2010 ASSE nominations is Aug. 15. The Society will be electing the senior vice president, vice president-finance, vice president-practices and standards, all even-numbered region vice presidents and select area directors. Members who wish to be considered for region vice president or area director must contact their regional nominations committee.

Did You Miss Safety 2009?

Eleven sessions from Safety 2009 will be available as webcast recordings. These webcasts include access to the slides, speaker audio and any videos that were part of the presentations. If you purchase all 11 sessions, you will be able to earn 1.0 CEU. For more information, contact Dan McNeill. In addition, audio recordings for most of the sessions are now available for purchase and download from Audio Visual Education Network.

Sponsor a New Member

Recruiting new ASSE members is a beneficial way to network and strengthen your professional association. Recruit new members by giving them an application or by having them apply online directly. Remember to ask your new recruits to enter your name in the sponsor blank to receive credit as the sponsor.

ASSE to Publish New Fall Prevention Standards

ANSI/ASSE Z359.6-2009 specifies requirements for the design and performance of complete active fall-protection systems, including travel-restraint and vertical horizontal fall-arrest systems. ANSI/ASSE Z359.12-2009 establishes requirements for the performance, design, marking, qualification and test methods and removal from service of connectors. ANSI/ASSE Z359.13-2009 includes requirements to ensure that all energy-absorbing lanyards and personal energy absorbers reduce the forces implied on the user to less than 10 times the normal gravitational pull of the earth.

“Falls from heights make up a significant portion of workplace fatalities and injuries. The creation of authoritative documents for workers at height and their employers is essential,” says ANSI/ASSE Z359 Accredited Standards Committee Chair Randy Wingfield, president and CEO of Gravitec Systems Inc. “Z359.12 and Z359.13 expand on existing standards . . . while the new Z359.6 standard tackles fall protection systems design for the first time. It is intended for engineers with expertise in this area.”

The Fall Protection Code currently includes six standards: Z359.0-2007, Definitions and Nomenclature Used for Fall Protection and Fall Arrest; Z359.1-2007, Safety Requirements for Personal Fall Arrest Systems, Subsystems and Components; Z359.2-2007, Minimum Requirements for a Comprehensive Managed Fall Protection Program; Z359.3-2007, Safety Requirements for Positioning and Travel Restraint Systems; Z359.4-2007, Safety Requirements for Assisted-Rescue and Self-Rescue Systems, Subsystems and Components; as well as the historical ANSI/ASSE Z359.1-1992 (R1999).