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Safety-on-the-Job Kids’ Poster Contest Winners Announced

After receiving nearly 1,000 poster entries from around the world—the U.S., Columbia, Costa Rica, Kuwait and Dubai—ASSE has announced the winners of NAOSH Week’s 2009 Safety-on-the-Job kids' poster contest. This year’s NAOSH Week theme is “Safety Means Always Coming Home,” and kids were encouraged to illustrate what job safety means to them.

Ages 5-6
Caylin Wigger, 6, Chadler, IN, for “Get Hooked on Safety”; sponsored by Charles Wigger, a professional member of the Audubon Chapter.

Ages 7-8
Abigail Helser, 8, Portage, WI, for “It’s Time for Safety”; sponsored by Christopher Helser, a professional member of the Badgerland Chapter.

Ages 9-10
Taylor Visker, 9, Moses Lake, WA, for “I May Be Small, But I’m Big on Safety!”; sponsored by Wesley Watkins, a member of the Inland Northwest Chapter.

Ages 11-12
Hayley Lemens, 12, Pendleton, OR, for “Safety Is a Team Effort”; sponsored by Bob Adams, a member of the Columbia-Willamette Chapter.

Ages 13-14
Amanda Carr, 13, Greenwich, NY, for “Hardhats Are for Heroes”; sponsored by Samuel Cahan, an emeritus professional member of the San Diego Chapter.

The winning posters will be featured on the NAOSH Week (May 3-9, 2009) poster, which is sent to thousands of businesses worldwide. They will also receive $1,000 savings bonds and will be honored in a Washington, DC, awards ceremony on May 4. To order a free NAOSH 2009 poster, contact ASSE’s Customer Service Department or call (847) 699-2929.

ASSE Publishes New Book on Hazard Recognition & Control

ASSE has published a new book, Hazard Recognition and Control in Institutional Settings—A Guide for Hospitals, Universities and Nursing Homes, edited by George Byrns, Ph.D., MPH, CIH, with contributions from practitioners who have extensive institutional safety experience.

The book provides vital information in a broad range of areas of concern to institutional health and safety (IEHS) professionals employed in hospitals, universities and nursing homes. Topics include environmental management laws and regulations; emergency preparedness and incident command systems; building renovation and design; waste management; hazard and risk assessment; indoor air quality and HVAC systems; health surveys and surveillance; social marketing; workplace violence; and workers’ compensation.

Topics of specific concern to hospital employees include healthcare accreditation standards, healthcare-specific occupational hazards, infection control, epidemiology and ergonomic issues. For nursing home employees, areas such as infection control and ergonomics, especially moving patients, are examined. For those in college and university settings, the book addresses the hazards of dormitories, cafeteria and food services, student health services and science laboratories, as well as art studios, theaters and agricultural settings.

ASSE Active in Efforts to Provide OSH Coverage to Florida’s Public-Sector Workers

ASSE members in Florida deserve credit for advancing the passage of one of the more significant occupational safety and health (OSH) bills in recent years—an achievement recognized by the U.S. Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board in a recent YouTube video. Legislation drafted by Senator Evelyn Lynn and Representative Audrey Gibson—and championed by ASSE—led to creation of a task force to determine how Florida can provide OSH coverage to its public sector workers. That task force recently issued its final report, and ASSE supports several key recommendations from that report.

Dave Heidorn, ASSE’s manager of government affairs and policy, reports that ASSE will “work to see these recommendations passed into law” during the 2009 session of the Florida legislature. “ASSE has engaged the lobbyist who succeeded for us last year,” he says. “We have a group of dedicated Florida members—including Ed Granberry Jr., Mark Friend and Jim Smith—who have been working on this issue from the beginning and who will lead the effort again this year.” Heidorn also notes that Frank Lakotich, Region IV ARVP for Government Affairs, is also bringing the region’s support to the effort.

More member involvement in these activities is always welcome and needed, says Heidorn. “The more voices we can bring to this effort—whether it’s contacting your state senator or representative, writing letters to the editor in your community and keeping your chapter informed—the better chances we have.”

Prepare a Poster Session for Safety 2009

ASSE has issued a call for poster abstracts for its Safety 2009 Professional Development Conference, which will be held June 28 - July 1 in San Antonio, TX. Poster sessions help to generate interest in SH&E research and communicate information related to best practices, new program initiatives and similar developments. Selected posters will be displayed Sunday, June 28, through Tuesday, June 30, in the exhibit hall.

Selected presenters will receive a $100 discount on their applicable conference registration rate, while student presenters will be able to attend for free. Abstracts for poster presentations may reflect completed research or research in the final stages of data collection, with preliminary results available. Deadline for submissions is March 13, 2009. Download the submission form or contact ASSE’s Terry Wilkinson with questions.

Practice Specialty Resources Available to Society Members

Practice Specialty publications are now published in a digital format. Click on Fireline or World Focus to view ASSE's Fire Protection or International Practice Specialty digital technical publication.

ASSE’s practice specialties provide many opportunities for members to network, volunteer and share their expertise with fellow professionals. With 16 specialties, four branches and four additional common interest groups to join, the options for getting involved are plentiful. Members receive their respective practice specialty technical publication—now sent in a full-color digital format via e-mail—that incorporates video, audio and other links to provide members with even more information. The digital format allows readers to zoom in and out of pages, navigate horizontally or vertically throughout the publication, click-navigate through an active table of contents, instantly send an e-mail to authors and download the entire publication as a PDF.

In addition, practice specialties offer many resources to keep members in touch with the latest industry news. For instance, the ASSE Nanotechnology Support Site offers reports, articles and government resources that cover current trends and issues related to nanotechnology. The site also provides links to previously held nanotechnology teleconferences and presentations.


More News

Get an Extra Edge With Safety 2009’s Pre- & Postconference Seminars

Safety 2009, scheduled for June 28 - July 1 in San Antonio, TX, is an opportunity to grow professionally, share ideas and gain skills and knowledge needed to address key SH&E issues. Pre- and postconference seminars provide attendees with additional opportunities to explore industry topics.
One-, two- and three-day seminars will be held before and after the conference on June 22-28 and July 1-2. With 38 topics scheduled, participants may earn up to 3.5 CEUs, prepare for the ASP or CSP examination, earn CM or CHMM CMP points, or complete required seminars for the ASSE Certificate in Safety Management or the Executive Program in Safety Management.

Early registration (by April 15) is encouraged, as some classes have limited enrollment. Contact ASSE’s Customer Service Department for more information or call (847) 699-2929.

ASSE Webinars: Your Online Resource Library

ASSE’s Virtual Classroom offers SH&E professionals online learning opportunities without the hassle and expense of traveling. Several webinars are already on the slate for March—bookmark the page to check back for updates on your favorite topics.

  • The Safety Professionals Handbook Webinar Series: Fire Prevention and Protection
    Weds., March 11, 2009, 11:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. CST

  • How to Effectively Train Your Spanish-Speaking Workforce—Simple & Practical Tips to Get Your Point Across
    Weds., March 18, 2009, 11:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. CST

  • Live Webcast From the Applied Ergonomics Conference: Healthcare Issues—Track 1
    Tues., March 24, 2009, 10:00 a.m. - 11:30 p.m. CST

  • Live Webcast From the Applied Ergonomics Conference: Healthcare Issues—Track 2
    Weds., March 25, 2009, 10:00 a.m. - 11:30 p.m. CST

While the live webinar has interactive benefits, if you miss a topic of interest, check out ASSE’s webinar archive where you can download sessions to view at your convenience. Cast your vote for the topic you would most like to see presented in the virtual classroom, or become a virtual presenter yourself.

Special Nexsteps Career Center Offer for ASSE Members

During this turbulent economy, having a place to access the latest career opportunities is vital to SH&E professionals. ASSE maintains a growing Nexsteps Career Center to benefit both employers and jobseekers. To provide our members a more robust site with job openings, ASSE is now offering a special discount to members to post jobs. If you post a job on Nexsteps for yourself or your employer, you will receive a $30 discount on the cost of the posting. Just enter the promo code memval30 to receive your special pricing.

Warren Brown Participates at Inaugural ASHCA Meeting

In January, ASSE President Warren Brown, CSP, ARM, CSHM, participated in a panel discussion at the first national meeting of the Agricultural Safety and Health Council of America (ASHCA). Driven by farmer/rancher and agribusiness leaders, this new organization is the first of its kind in the U.S. to pursue a national strategy to reduce disease, injuries and fatalities in American agriculture. The panel discussion focused on critical issues for improving agricultural safety and health at a national level.

Brown first discussed the importance of making better connections between agricultural cooperatives, insurance companies, farm and ranch suppliers, and support services to professional safety organizations and societies. “Collaboration is the key to helping raise awareness of farm safety—that is, collaboration between ASSE, ASHCA, farm bureaus and industry,” Brown said. He suggested combining the efforts of ASSE’s agricultural safety experts with those of ASHCA and other organizations to conduct research and develop educational materials for farm workers.

Brown also talked about how to best provide safety education and training to young farm workers and to those from various demographic backgrounds, such as Spanish-speaking farm workers. He discussed developing materials relevant to the population, such as multilingual and hands-on training. “Printed materials are more effective if combined with materials that use sound, visuals, demonstrations and lectures,” Brown said. He also talked about building and maintaining a safety culture at work—educating farms about the value of safety in a way that reaches all types of workers.

ASSEF/Liberty Mutual Research Fellow Shares Study Highlights

During summer 2008, Lauren Murphy worked as a research fellow at the Liberty Mutual Research Institute for Safety as part of a fellowship cosponsored by the ASSE Foundation and Liberty Mutual. Her research involved examining the effects of social modeling on safety behavior in the workplace and developing a conceptual model that captures the relevant issues and relationships surrounding social modeling and safety behaviors. Read her research abstract.

Best-in-Class Safety Management Virtual Symposium: April 20-24

ASSE’s first-ever virtual symposium is a great opportunity to interact with and learn from colleagues from around the world without ever leaving the office. During the week-long event, participants can access more than 20 live sessions—and view recordings of any sessions missed. In today’s cautious economic environment, this is an exciting and cost-effective way to keep current in SH&E.

ASSE Membership Campaign

Don’t forget this is the last month to take advantage of ASSE’s 2008-09 Member-Get-a-Member Campaign. Encourage your colleagues to join ASSE and be eligible to win some valuable prizes. For the month of March new members using ASSE’s March Madness membership coupon on ASSE’s home page will have the application fee waived (a $25 value), and also be entered into a drawing to win a $50 gas card and a $25 ASSE gift certificate if they join by March 31, 2009.


Chapter & Member News

New Jersey Chapter Uses Safety Suitcase to Promote Kids’ Poster Contest

ASSE New Jersey Chapter President Kristin Herman poses with students from Mountain View School.

For the second consecutive year, members of the New Jersey Chapter have used ASSE’s Safety Suitcase to educate students about workplace safety. This year, Chapter President Kristin Herman used the suitcase to promote ASSE’s Safety-on-the-Job kids’ poster contest. “We were really promoting the poster contest and used the Safety Suitcase as a guide when going to talk to the kids,” Herman says. She visited six classes at Mountain View School in Mt. Olive, NJ.

ASSE New Jersey Chapter President-Elect Frank Gesualdo and member Julie Park (back row, right) demonstrate the importance of PPE to students.

Chapter President-Elect Frank Gesualdo and member Julie Park also visited Old York School and Whitten School in Branchburg, NJ. They used PPE items donated by Roche Molecular Systems in Branchburg, NJ, to demonstrate workplace safety to the students. Together, the members submitted more than 85 posters they collected from the students.

For more information about ASSE’s Safety Suitcase, visit the ASSE newsroom or contact Joanna Climer at (847) 768-3404.

ASSE Members in Wisconsin Form Alliance With OSHA

Members of ASSE’s Wisconsin Chapter have teamed with OSHA, the Milwaukee Building and Construction Trades Council and Wisconsin power plant contractors to form an alliance that will focus on enhancing construction site rigging practices for employees in the state of Wisconsin. The alliance is an outgrowth of the “We Energies” forum established in 2006 as part of an initiative to help contractor safety professionals share work practices. “Our members are committed to doing what we can to make sure everyone who goes to work each day returns home safely, free from injury or illness,” says James Jones, CSP, Wisconsin Chapter President. “Workplace injuries and illnesses are preventable and this alliance will certainly help in enhancing safety for all.”

Top Recruiters: Honor Roll

The latest additions to ASSE’s Honor Roll.


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