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BCSP Exams Being Updated

On Jan. 1, 2009, Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP) will begin to phase out the current editions of the two examinations leading to the CSP credential. According to BCSP, the exams have been updated to better reflect what safety professionals need to know and the skills required for the tasks and functions of today’s practice. To take an exam based on the current blueprint, you must register and purchase a BCSP exam before Jan. 1, 2009. Any exams registered for/purchased on or after that date will be based on the new blueprint. Updated versions of ASSE’s ASP and CSP Study Guides on CD-ROM and CSP Study Guide will be available in the near future.

Help ASSE Grow

As an ASSE member, you know the rewards of membership. Now is a great time to help your colleagues share in those rewards by sponsoring them to join ASSE. If you recruit one new member by Jan. 31, 2009, you will be eligible to win a $100 ASSE gift certificate. Recruit three new members by Feb. 28, 2009, and you’ll be eligible to win a $1,000 American Express gift card and a $100 ASSE gift certificate. Recruit four or more new members by March 31, 2009, and you could win a $1,500 American Express gift card and a $100 ASSE gift certificate. The member who recruits the most new members by March 31, 2009, will receive a free registration to Safety 2009 in San Antonio, TX.

ASSE Introduces A10 Crane Standards Package

ASSE is now offering a special package of A10 crane safety standards to help SH&E professionals conduct safe crane operations. The A10 Crane Safety Standards Package includes five standards covering all aspects of crane safety, from scaffolding and work platforms to digger derricks and rigging.

The package includes the following standards:

  • A10.8: Safety Requirements for Scaffolding
  • A10.28: Safety Requirements for Work Platforms Suspended from Cranes or Derricks
  • A10.31: Safety Requirements, Definitions and Specifications for Digger Derricks
  • A10.33: Safety and Health Program Requirements for Multi-Employer Projects
  • A10.42: Safety Requirements for Rigging Qualifications and Responsibilities

Available in hard copy or electronic edition, the package is priced $60 below the cost of purchasing the standards individually.

Brown Talks to Students About the SH&E Profession in Today’s Economy

In a recent speech to Oklahoma State University students, ASSE President Warren K. Brown, CSP, ARM, CSHM, emphasized that despite a difficult economy, the investment in safety should not falter, but be a steady contribution to a great working environment. “It’s a new day. Today we are faced with a worldwide financial crisis, a new administration, a 24/7 news delivery system, an always changing global marketplaceone where we need to stay abreast of all workplace safety issues and standards worldwide,” Brown said.

Brown outlined how to convince corporate-level managers that investing in safety is good business and stressed to the students that taking business and financial courses is an effective way to learn how to work within corporate governance and understand the positive effect that workplace safety and health systems have on the bottom line. He also stated that SH&E professionals help keep a company’s reputation intact.

“You will find that our role continues to garner corporate respect and build value. Yet, we need you to help remind business of the value of the safety professional in not only saving lives and preventing injuries, but also in contributing positively to their bottom line and keeping their positive reputation in place,” he said. “Business success and sustainability have become increasingly dependent on reputation and we, as safety professionals, have a direct impact on that.”


More News

SeminarFest 2009: Feb. 8-14

ASSE’s annual SeminarFest is scheduled for Feb. 8-14, 2009, in Las Vegas, NV. This year’s event offers 50 seminars on technical, management and skill development topics. Participants may register for seminars and earn up to 5.1 CEUs/COCs or 7.0 CM points. Networking opportunities include an opening day reception, three complimentary lunches and two luncheon presentations.

PS Online: Another Great Member Benefit

ASSE members can access and download full issues of Professional Safety in ASSE’s Members Only section. Simply log on using your member number and last name, agree to the usage terms, then select the Professional Safety Journal link along the left-hand side of the page. This will take you to the journal’s archive page, where you will find links to PDFs of all issues since 2005. You will also find a link to the searchable online article archive, from which members can download individual articles published since 2000 for free.

Virtual Classroom Offers Two Webinars in December

Two timely webinars are being offered this month in the Virtual Classroom: OSHA in a New Presidential Administration and Safe Practices for Motor Vehicle Operations.

On Dec. 9 from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. CST, ASSE will host a special live webcast, OSHA in a New Presidential Administration with John Henshaw and John Howard. From their unique perspectives and experience as federal safety and health leaders, Henshaw, a former OSHA administrator, and Howard, former director of NIOSH, will discuss possible new directions for OSHA and the potential impact of changes on the practice of safety.

On Dec. 17 from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. CST, Carmen Daecher, chair of the ANSI Z15 Accredited Standards Committee on Safety Requirements for Motor Vehicle Operations, and Bill Hinderks, vice chair of the Z15.1 Committee, will present Safe Practices for Motor Vehicle Operations, in which they will discuss the scope of the ANSI/ASSE Z15.1-2006 standard and how it applies to an overall, integrated risk management program. The webinar will present examples of behavioral practices that may lead to motor vehicle incidents, and share best practices and success stories. Each webinar offers CEUs and includes a link to allow registered participants to download a recorded version of the event.

Future Safety Professionals Optimistic About the Future

A record number of students were on hand for this year’s Future Safety Leaders Conference, held Nov. 6-8 in Louisville, KY. The 197 attendees came from 22 states and represented 33 different schools.

Despite the troubled economy, most were optimistic about their futures in the profession, particularly in the construction and manufacturing sectors. They also expect the green movement to provide career opportunities, especially as the renewable energy and bio-fuel industries expand, and as more companies seek LEED certifications for their buildings. Ergonomics, workers’ compensation and legal liability concerns will also continue to drive demand for SH&E professionals, they believe, as will fleet safety and public safety.

Along with sharing their hopes for the future, attendees reflected on the value of the occupational SH&E profession. “I decided to study SH&E because I like change and in the field of safety things are always changing,” said Jennifer Olson, a graduate student at the University of Minnesota, Duluth, and a member of the university’s ASSE student section. “I am also passionate about the environment, I like to resolve conflict and I care about people. This is why I decided to become an SH&E professional.”


Member & Chapter News

San Francisco Chapter Remembers Homer Lambie

In the August 2008 issue of its monthly newsletter, ASSE’s San Francisco Chapter remembered the late Homer K. Lambie, an emeritus professional member of the chapter who passed away in Oct. 2007. Lambie was a long-time advocate for occupational safety and health who invested more than 70 years in the profession. His safety career began when, as a bus driver for Key System Transit, he was put in charge of safety programs for drivers. He would later become corporate safety director for Kaiser Aluminum, a position he held for more than 30 years. While with Kaiser, he helped to develop the K-5 system, a simple five-step process for planning and conducting effective meetings. Richard Lack, an emeritus professional member of ASSE’s Colorado Chapter and an ASSE Fellow, says Lambie had a tremendous impact on his career. “I can honestly say I literally learned my trade from Homer and I consider him one of the greatest safety teachers of our time.”

Rider Reelected to ACHMM Board

Academy of Certified Hazardous Materials Managers (ACHMM) recently reelected Karen Rider, CHMM, as an at-large director on its board. A professional member of the West Florida Chapter, Rider is also a member of the Environmental Practice Specialty. As environmental manager for Trademark Metals Recycling LLC in Tampa, FL, Rider has more than 24 years’ professional experience in the environmental consulting and regulatory field in public health, hazardous materials and waste, environmental regulatory compliance and industrial hygiene. Rider, who is currently an at-large director on the ACHMM Board, will continue to serve in that capacity for 3 years when her new term begins Jan. 1.

Rivera Named NECA Director of Safety

Jerry Rivera, a member of ASSE’s National Capital Chapter, recently joined the national staff of the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) as director of safety. In this role, Rivera will oversee the development of NECA’s electrical safety resources, and liaison with member companies and regulatory organizations to help create electrical safety programs. Prior to this, Rivera was safety manager for B&I Contractors, an electrical, mechanical and plumbing contractor; and regional safety manager for Pulte Homes, a southwest Florida residential developer.

Rivera holds a diploma in electrical engineering from Liceo Arte y Tecnología, Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico, and a B.A. in Management from Inter American University, Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico. Rivera has published several articles on safety topics, and is a certified OSHA Outreach Instructor.

“NECA and the entire electrical construction industry will benefit from Jerry’s experience, interests and efforts in safety programs for contractors and workers,” says Michael Johnston, NECA’s executive director of standards and safety. “He is keenly interested in the health and welfare of people in general. Jerry brings great enthusiasm, ideas and genuine concern about helping make a difference in NECA’s continuous positive approach to worker safety and electrical contractor safety programs and practices.”

New Jersey Chapter Aids Marine Toys for Tots

The New Jersey Chapter kicked off its annual toy drive in early November to help the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation, which benefits needy children in the central New Jersey area communities. “The important thing is that we are local people helping local families,” ASSE past president Bob Sagendorf says. “We will be seeking donations at our chapter meetings and through other efforts. In the meantime we urge other organizations to do the same.”

The Marine Toys for Tots Foundation is one of the nation’s flagship charitable endeavors. The primary goal of Toys for Tots is to deliver, through a new toy at Christmas, a message of hope to needy children that will motivate them to grow into responsible, productive, patriotic citizens and community leaders.

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