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New ASSEF Grant Honors ASSE Member

The family of ASSE member Terrance Hennessy, CSP, ARM, ALCM, AMIM, CHSP, who lost his life in a crane accident earlier this year, donated more than $40,000 to the ASSE Foundation (ASSEF) to fund a professional development grant in his honor. The Terrance M. Hennessy Professional Development Grant will offer $2,000 annually to SH&E professionals looking to advance their careers through ASSE certification workshops, seminars, symposia or the professional development conference. Hennessy’s son, Michael Hennessy, says the grant was set up to support the advancement of knowledge and skills of safety and risk professionals to help prevent future worksite injuries and fatalities. A South Florida Chapter member, Hennessy was a vice president in the risk consulting practice at Marsh.

In addition to the Hennessy grant, ASSEF is offering eight new scholarships for 2009.

  • Texas Safety Foundation Scholarship, sponsored by the Texas Safety Foundation ($2,500)
  • Charlie Darnell HSE Memorial Scholarship, sponsored by the Texas Safety Foundation ($2,500)
  • Keith Bain Scholarship, sponsored by the Middle Tennessee Chapter ($2,000)
  • Linda and Brad Giles Scholarship ($1,500)
  • Columbia-Willamette Chapter President Scholarship ($1,000)
  • Greater Chicago Chapter Scholarship ($1,000)
  • New England Area Future Leadership Award ($1,000)
  • Puget Sound Chapter ASSE Scholarship ($1,000)

Submissions for scholarships or grants must be postmarked by Dec. 1, 2008.

ASSE Comments on NIOSH Asbestos Roadmap

ASSE recently commented on NIOSH’s draft Current Intelligence Bulletin, “Asbestos Fibers and Other Elongated Mineral Particles: State of the Science and Roadmap for Research.” ASSE expressed its concern that the revised roadmap strays from NIOSH’s original stated goal of developing a unified theory of thoracic-sized fiber toxicity between currently known and newly identified mineral fibers; synthetic vitreous fibers; and nanofibers.

ASSE states that the draft document “does not provide an adequate explanation for why NIOSH has backed away from research on a unified and coherent risk management approach that fully incorporates this unified understanding of the toxicity of mineral and manufactured elongated particles.” The Society believes that such an approach would be a significant step toward helping to reduce occupational diseases. Instead, NIOSH has reverted to “mineral only” research that may or may not be integrated with other independent research on manufactured elongated particles. ASSE believes this is an inadequate commitment.

Follow this and other government and professional affairs activities on ASSE’s Professional Affairs page.

ASSE Shares Plan for Addressing Value of the Safety Professional

Earlier this year, ASSE’s Council on Professional Affairs (CoPA) completed a study to learn whether SH&E professionals are viewed by management as value-add employees and to identify how they can better meet management’s needs and expectations. Based on the results of that study, CoPA has formulated a plan that has three areas of focus: repositioning safety, repositioning the safety professional and preparing the safety professional to be the value-add employee. ASSE members can contact Dennis Hudson to share their suggestions regarding the project and to volunteer to participate.

Enhance Your SH&E Knowledge with ASSE Webinars

Join other SH&E colleagues in ASSE’s virtual classroom for the upcoming November webinars, Safety From the Ground Up: The Power of Training Peer Trainers and The Chemical Facility Antiterrorism Standards: Update From the SVA to the SSP.

Robert Pater will present Safety From the Ground Up on Nov. 5 from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Attendees will learn benefits of peer trainers and how to make the best choices by reviewing critical selection keys. Also, those considering an alternative delivery system for inspiring and transferring safer behaviors will discover how to detect and avoid mistakes that could detract from a successful peer training initiative.

On Nov. 19, David Moore, a leading expert on chemical security management and vulnerability assessment, will present The Chemical Facility Antiterrorism Standards webinar from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Moore will provide updates on the Department of Homeland Security Chemical Facility Antiterrorism Standards rule, which requires more than 42,000 sites handling certain chemicals to complete a consequence assessment (Top-Screen), and he will answer questions about its implementation. Participants will review the status of the program and new legislation proposed to strengthen the standard and make it permanent.

Safety Culture Symposium: Jan. 22-23

In January, ASSE will present the first of two symposia for 2009, Building a Successful Safety Culture Symposium, Jan. 22-23 in Costa Mesa, CA. The event will feature leading authorities in culture change.

Marilyn Buckner, Ph.D., will present a special opening event on assessing the current climate, while general session presenter Steve Simon, Ph.D., will discuss transforming the safety culture. An executive forum will bring together a panel of senior executives from several corporations to discuss the role of the safety professional in changing culture. The event will also feature facilitated case-study roundtables designed to help attendees share strategies for making change.

The event also offers 20 concurrent sessions on topics such as techniques to assess culture, strategies to sustain positive safety performance, and approaches that worked for organizations such as Coors, Harley-Davidson and General Mills.

Register by Dec. 19 for the best rates on the symposium, and book your hotel room at the Hilton Orange County/Costa Mesa by Dec. 23 to receive the ASSE group rate.

Symposium Focuses on the Loss Control Experience

From left: Mark Oldham, Administrator of ASSE's RM/I Practice Specialty, presents a plaque to CNA's Bill Boyd during the Loss Control Experience Symposium.

ASSE’s recently completed Loss Control Experience Symposium took a broad look at the state of the global insurance industry. Several speakers noted how the changing nature of client expectations is affecting the loss control profession. “Recently, when we asked 20 of our top customers what they want from their loss control professionals, they said ‘know our business’ and ‘help us train our employees on safety and risk control measures’ to help enhance and maintain a companywide safety culture,” said William Boyd, CSP, CIH, CPE, CNA’s senior vice president of risk control. “Especially now, we, as risk control professionals, need to demonstrate our return on the safety investment.”

Cost containment is another important client expectation—one that requires a close partnership between the claims and loss control teams. Jim Newberry, assistant vice president and risk control manager for Island Insurance Co., Honolulu, HI, and Kathy Pagnano, CNA vice president and workers’ compensation claims manager, Chicago, listed pharmacy review programs, medical bill reviews, physical therapy and radiology networks as some of the more effective cost controls. Through teamwork, they said, claims and loss control personnel help provide a higher level of service to customers.

Hosted Oct. 7-8 by CNA at its Chicago headquarters, the symposium was sponsored by ASSE’s Risk Management/Insurance Practice Specialty and Insurance and Safety Services Inc., and drew more than 200 attendees.


Chapter/Member News

Gulf Coast Chapter Responds to PPE Needs

Members of ASSE’s Gulf Coast Chapter (GCC) and their employers have donated a large supply of PPE to be used by emergency personnel, firefighters, police, first responders, government workers and others involved in hurricane recovery efforts in the U.S. Gulf Coast region. Participating companies include North Safety Supply, Sperian, Grainger, Fisher, Chevron and BP Alternative Energy (a full list of donors will be available in the ASSE newsroom in the near future). The donations of Type 2 reflective vests, work gloves and safety glasses continued throughout September and October; they were spurred by an e-mail message from Chapter President Cindy Lewis asking GCC members for assistance.

50 Years and Counting

Raymond Colvin

This month features Raymond J. Colvin, P.E., who says the Society has been the central focus of his professional career. Colvin is a professional member of the Alabama Chapter and the director of safety and security at Safety Training Dynamics Inc.

ASSE Members Named to Safety Task Force in Florida

Clockwise from top left: Scott Blaser, Mark Friend, John Henshaw and Hastings Williams Jr.

Four ASSE members Scott Blaser, CSP, Mark Friend, Ed.D., CSP, John Henshaw and Hastings Williams Jr.—have been appointed to serve on the newly created Florida Public Task Force on Workplace Safety. The group is charged with making recommendations on how best to provide occupational safety and health coverage to Florida’s state, county and municipal workers. The task force was formed as a result of a Florida law enacted last year (and championed by ASSE) to improve safety for the state’s public sector workers. Blaser, director of risk control of the Florida League of Cities, is a professional member of the Central Florida Chapter. Friend is chair of the Department of Applied Aviation Sciences at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. He is a professional member of ASSE’s Cape Canaveral Chapter. Former OSHA administrator Henshaw is president of Henshaw and Associates Inc.; he is a professional member of the St. Louis Chapter. Williams is president of Firescience Ltd. and he is a member of the North Florida Chapter.

Sokol Named Risk Innovator

R. Ronald Sokol, CSP, a professional member of the Gulf Coast Chapter and executive director of Contractors Safety Council of Texas City, TX, was recently named a Risk Innovator in the Chemicals/Energy category by Risk & Insurance magazine. The magazine honored Sokol for his leadership in developing the Contractor Assurance Process (CAP), a program that helps owners/operators of refineries and chemical plants assess the fitness for duty of the hundreds of workers needed during maintenance turnarounds.

Sokol serves on ASSE’s Government Affairs and Nominations & Elections committees, and is a member of the Construction Practice Specialty. In 2004, he was named Council on Practices & Standards’ Safety Professional of the Year, and was a Culbertson Award recipient in 2002. Read the article about Sokol’s achievement.

Bruce Donato

Donato Receives ACHMM Award

Bruce Donato, CSP, CECD, President of ASSE’s National Capital Chapter and Region VI Deputy Vice President, recently received the Friend of the Academy Award from the Academy of Certified Hazardous Materials Managers (ACHMM). Donato, principal of K & A First Aid LLC, in Gaithersburg, MD, was recognized for his contributions to ACHMM and the CHMM credential. The award is presented to a person who does not hold the CHMM designation but makes significant contributions to the goals and purposes of ACHMM.

Stew Burkhammer

Burkhammer Receives NSC Distinguished Service to Safety Award

National Capital Chapter professional member Stewart C. Burkhammer, P.E., CSP, was recently awarded by National Safety Council with its 2008 Distinguished Service to Safety Award. The award is the council’s highest honor bestowed on an individual safety professional in recognition of outstanding service to the field of safety and health.

Burkhammer, who is principal consultant for Burkhammer Consulting Services in Damascus, MD, was honored for his dedicated advocacy for safety and health in construction. Burkhammer serves on ASSE’s Technical and Professional Recognition Committee, and is a member of the Society’s Construction and Management practice specialties.

ASSE Members Make Top 50 List

Several ASSE members were included in EHS Today’s (formerly Occupational Hazards) 50 Most Influential EHS Leaders list, published Sept. 1. The publication’s editors picked 50 safety professionals who they believe have made an impact in the profession within the past decade. The list is divided into categories including government appointees, academics, union leaders, legislators, company-based professionals, professional association presidents, safety industry leaders, safety “gurus” and corporate advocates. Among ASSE members on the list were 2008-09 President Warren Brown, CSP, ARM, professional member of the Kitty Hawk Chapter (listed under association presidents) and past president James “Skipper” Kendrick Jr., CSP, professional member of the Fort Worth Chapter (listed under corporate advocates).

Of the professionals chosen, EHS Today stated, “They all have one thing in common: Through their work, their mentoring, their lecturing, their lawmaking, their research, their administration or their advocacy, they have had a strong and lasting impact on EHS in the workplace.” 

Other ASSE members selected include: Edwin Foulke Jr., professional member of the National Capital Chapter; John Henshaw, CIH, professional member of the St. Louis Chapter; Thomas Krause, professional member of the Valley Coastal Chapter; E. Scott Geller, professional member of the Star Valley Chapter; Lindsay Booher, CSP, CIH, NOVA Chapter member; Lawrence Gibbs, CIH, professional member of the Greater San Jose Chapter; Richard Kowalski, COHN-S, professional member of the Georgia Chapter; J. Nigel Ellis, P.E., CSP, CPE, RSP, professional member of the Philadelphia Chapter; Ather Williams Jr., professional member of the Penn-Jersey Chapter; Scott Madar, CIH, professional member of the National Capital Chapter; and David Roskelley, CSP, CIH, professional member of the Utah Chapter.

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