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Jan. 20 - Math Review
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Vol. 11, No. 12

Top Stories

SeminarFest: Jan. 20-26

Join ASSE in Las Vegas for SeminarFest, a weeklong event that provides a comprehensive continuing education experience. Slated to run Jan. 20-26, 2008, at the Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel, the event will feature seminars on effective safety measurement, safety management approaches, as well as technical and topical seminars addressing emergency management, electrical safety, nanotechnology, lockout/tagout, ergonomics, confined space rescue and fall protection.

For executive-level attendees, business acumen development seminars will be offered on topics such as six sigma, balanced scorecard, performance management, strategic planning, and criminal and liability law. Preparation workshops for ASP, CSP and CHST certification and math review will also be offered, as will seminars required for ASSE’s Certificate in Safety Management and Executive Program. Attendees can also benefit from skill-building seminars in leadership, safety management, safety training, achieving safety excellence and coaching.

Special networking events include a complimentary continental breakfast, two receptions, three complimentary lunches and two luncheon presentations.

Attendees can earn up to 5.0 CEUs/COCs or 7.0 CM points. Each seminar is individually priced with a discount on enrollment that increases with the number of seminars selected. Register by Dec. 21 to receive a $50 discount.

ASSE Region III Announces New SH&E Scholarship for Students

McComb Construction Co., an Austin, TX-based company, recently donated $4,000 to the Region III-McComb Construction SH&E Scholarship. The scholarship, available through the ASSE Foundation, is for graduate and undergraduate students in the Region III area (ASSE chapters in Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas) who are pursuing a degree in SH&E or related fields. Gregory Smith, CSP, Region III Vice President says, “The scholarship creates a greater connection to educational research and the career-building efforts of our ASSE chapters.”

ASSE Looking for Member Views of California Ergo Standard

ASSE is asking members to share their insight on how the California ergonomics standard works in practical terms. At a time when a highly proscriptive regulatory approach to ergonomics was in play, ASSE went on record using the California standard as an example of how its own position on ergonomics has generally worked. Share your feedback with ASSE’s Government Affairs & Policy Manager Dave Heidorn. Comments received may be compiled, then shared anonymously.

More News

ASSE Webinars Offer Convenient Learning Experiences

ASSE’s webinar series combines instructor-led training with convenient online delivery for an easy, accessible learning experience. With a wide variety of topics, SH&E professionals are able to enhance their careers as they participate in the live, online session or access recorded sessions for even more convenience. ASSE’s recent webinars, “Powerful Presentations to CEOs,” and “Designing for an Aging Workforce” are summarized below. 

During the webinar, “Powerful Presentations to CEOs,” presenter Mark Hansen, P.E., CSP, CPE, CPEA, discussed how to effectively communicate with upper management. “CEOs speak and think on a different level, and we need to meet them at that level,” Hansen says. Hansen explained that focusing on the written, visual and verbal means of communication will enable you to get your point across in a manner that your boss will be able to appreciate and understand. Hansen also encouraged participants to learn the language of business and then teach and relate it to safety issues. As Hansen explained, “Talk safety, but put it in terms of business.”

Hansen’s discussion included tips and strategies to help SH&E professionals tackle communication barriers with CEOs. His suggestions include:

  • When writing to upper management, get to the point. Use a balance of detail and information that is clear, concise and relevant to the CEO.
  • Safety is sometimes a personal issue, but try to remove emotion and present the facts.
  • When speaking to a CEO, grab his/her attention right away, strive for brevity yet include important information. Also try to schedule a meeting when your boss is not busy.
  • Be a motivated listener and employ empathetic responses.
  • When presenting the information (to a group or to one person) maintain good posture, take command of the situation by standing up front and in the middle, make sure your data are coherent and always end on a powerful note.

In ASSE’s “Designing for an Aging Workforce” webinar, presenter Joel Haight, Ph.D., P.E., explained that despite the high level of interest in this topic, it presents more questions than answers. This is due in part to conflicting information, as well as certain details that are not well defined in the literature.

The physical deterioration and losses that accompany aging are well-documented and are generally not debated, Haight explained, but many questions still have not been definitively answered. For example, what qualities do older workers bring to the job? As we get older, do we get better at exercising judgment? Are we more or less adaptable, flexible? Does experience make a difference in the number of injuries that occur?

Haight reviewed several accommodation strategies that can be implemented to prevent injury due to age-related limitations. Examples include:

  • lengthening time requirements between steps in a task;
  • removing clutter from control panels and computer screens and using large video displays;
  • installing skid-resistant flooring, particularly for stair treads, to help reduce falls;
  • improving illumination and adding color contrast;
  • eliminating heavy lifts, elevated work from ladders and long reaches;
  • lowering sound system pitches, such as on alarm systems, as they tend to be easier to hear;
  • increasing the time allowed for making decisions.

Although accommodation strategies are targeted at older workers, Haight said, they actually benefit all workers.

ASSE’s webinar, “Influenza: Threat vs. Preparedness,” is scheduled for Dec.12.

Become an ASSE Foundation Legacy Trust Donor

At this time of the year, it’s natural to think about how you can help others and improve the future. One idea to consider is becoming an ASSE Foundation Legacy Trust donor. As Rixio Medina, CSP, CPP, explains, “The Foundation Legacy Trust provides opportunities to return some of the investments others have made in me throughout the years and to support the advancement of the safety profession.” Those sentiments are shared by Karl Jacobson, CSP. “We should all strive to leave the world a little better than when we came. With the Legacy Trust, we have a chance to complete the circle by leaving a financial legacy to the profession.” To learn more, contact Foundation Manager Mary Goranson.

Chapter News

ASSE Middle East Chapter 8th Professional Development Conference & Expo

ASSE’s Middle East Chapter is gearing up for its upcoming 8th PDC & Expo, “Solutions for Regional SH&E Challenges,” scheduled for Feb. 16-20 in Bahrain. In addition to vendors who will be exhibiting SH&E and fire protection equipment, 15 two-day preconference seminars and workshops on SH&E, and fire and explosion topics will be offered, as will more than 55 concurrent sessions on fire and explosion, SH&E detection/protection and handling equipment.

New Jersey Chapter Holds Toy Drive

In holiday spirit, the New Jersey Chapter is holding a toy drive for the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation to benefit needy children in central New Jersey area communities.

“Participating in the toy drive is the ideal way for local ASSE members and families to give back to the community," says Past President Bob Sagendorf. “Our organization has been an integral part of this community’s service and growth for many years. . . . Participating in the toy drive gives the [chapter an] opportunity to make a difference and bring happiness to many disadvantaged children this Christmas.”

The Marine Toys for Tots Foundation is one of the nation’s flagship charitable endeavors. The primary goal of Toys for Tots is to deliver, through a new toy at Christmas, a message of hope to needy youngsters that will motivate them to grow into responsible, productive, patriotic citizens and community leaders.

“Our inaugural 2006 Toys for Tots campaign surpassed our goals. Toys were donated to 47 local families. The important thing is that we are local people helping local families,” says Sagendorf.

Leadership Conference Info Available

The presentations and materials from the 2007 ASSE Leadership Conference are now available on ASSE's Members Only website. Log in to take advantage of the tools, ideas and insight shared during this top-notch event.

Member News

J. Nigel Ellis, P.E., CSP, CPE, RSP Henry Bongers

ASSE Members Recieve NSC Distinguished Service Awards

J. Nigel Ellis, P.E., CSP, CPE, RSP, a professional member of the Philadelphia Chapter, and Henry Bongers, a professsional member of the Stateline Chapter, recently received National Safety Council’s (NSC) 2007 Distinguished Service to Safety Award. The award is NSC’s highest honor and is bestowed upon individuals who have demonstrated outstanding service in the safety field.

Ellis has more than 35 years’ experience in the safety industry, focusing primarily on fall hazards. He is the CEO of Dynamic Scientific Controls, and has introduced new industry standards for truck drivers, longshoremen and construction workers. He is also the author of Introduction to Fall Protection, 3rd Edition, an ASSE publication.

Bongers has been responsible for employee, environmental and food safety and security at Kerry Americas for the past 20 years. He has implemented safety improvement and auditing programs, developed a corporate safety policy manual, conducted environmental reviews and safety assessments, and trained security coordinators.

Jeff Robinson, P.E., CSP

Robinson Shares Benefits of Certification with Georgia Chapter

At the September meeting of ASSE’s Georgia Chapter, Jeff Robinson, P.E., CSP, president of the Board of Certified Safety Professionals, explained the benefits of professional certification. As part of the presentation, Robinson described the CSP process in detail and addressed the importance of certification for SH&E practitioners. A professional member of ASSE’s Augusta Chapter, Robinson is the manager of safety and health services with Harrington Group Inc., a fire protection and safety and health engineering consulting firm in Duluth, GA.

Feeney Presents at National WC Conference

Fay Feeney, CSP, ARM

Fay Feeney, CSP, ARM, a professional member of the Los Angeles Chapter and principal of Envision Strategic Group, recently delivered a presentation at the Workers’ Compensation in the Federal Workplace Conference in Chicago. The conference featured interactive and topic-oriented workshops and sessions designed specifically for those who have a role in handling the workers’ compensation of federal employees.

In her presentation, titled “Prevention Is the Cure,” Feeney discussed the basic elements of public relations and regulatory versus voluntary safety standards. She also discussed prevention, and how two federal employers—one large, one small—have achieved success by operating exemplary safety and health management systems.

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