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Vol. 11, No. 8

NAOSH Champion Award Winners

Tara J. Falin and Cynthia L. Lewis

Tara J. Falin and Cynthia L. Lewis, both of Houston, TX, spearheaded the YouthRules Rally and Job Fair for teens held at the George R. Brown Convention Center. Along with ASSE Region III, they also sponsored the first-ever NAOSH brunch for 20 contest winners and participants in the annual ASSE Kids’ “Safety-on-the-Job” poster contest in Washington, DC, on the first day of NAOSH Week 2007. Falin is a past president and current member of the Gulf Coast Chapter. Lewis is also a past president and current member of the Gulf Coast Chapter, as well as ASSE Region III Treasurer.

David B. Hales and Turner Universal Corp.

After his son Brian won ASSE’s “Safety-on-the-Job” poster contest 2 years in a row, David B. Hales, deputy safety director at Turner Universal Corp., asked his employer to sponsor the NAOSH Week 2007 kick-off events and awards ceremony held in Washington, DC. Turner Corp. supplied NAOSH Week gym bags to the 300 attendees, and buses for transportation to the events and for a tour of the Capitol. In addition, Hales, a member of the Tennessee Valley Chapter, developed a safety poster contest at Turner Corp. The winner was sent to the NAOSH Week kick-off events.

David R. Parsons

David R. Parsons, of Kaiser, OR, worked with Oregon officials to develop the 5th annual “Safety Break for Oregon” day. In addition, he distributed more than 2,000 NAOSH Week 2007 posters to businesses, schools and government offices, and worked with Oregon government officials to recognize NAOSH Week from the governor and mayors of Portland, Salem, Wilsonville and Kaiser. Throughout the year, he also educates students on workplace safety in classrooms across Oregon. Parsons is a past president and a current member of the Columbia-Willamette Chapter.

Douglas R. Cook

A professional member of the Chattanooga Area Chapter and Transportation Practice Specialty Administrator, Douglas R. Cook led efforts to develop and distribute a NAOSH Week edition of the TransActions newsletter. The publication includes information on accident investigations, food transportation and distribution safety, and pandemic versus preparedness.

David T. Crowley, CSP, CET, CHMM

David T. Crowley, of Canton, MA, promoted NAOSH Week by working with State Senator Brian Joyce to secure a governor’s proclamation designating May 6-12 as NAOSH Week for the state of Massachusetts. Crowley also helped distribute NAOSH transportation safety information to government agencies, schools and businesses. Crowley is a professional member, past president of the Greater Boston Chapter.

Patrick J. Delaney

Patrick J. Delaney, of Clark, NJ, secured a proclamation from the NJ Governor supporting NAOSH Week and Occupational Safety and Health Professional Day, along with the ASSE New Jersey Chapter, of which he is a professional member. He also wrote an editorial on the negative impact a car crash can have on a person’s life, family and employer, which was published in newspapers and the chapter newsletter.

Kirby Utt, CSP, ALCM

Eight-year-old Joel Atkins, of Marengo, OH, ASSE poster contest’s first-place winner in the 7-8 age group, was able to attend the NAOSH Week 2007 kick-off events in Washington, DC, thanks to the efforts of Kirby Utt and the ASSE Central Ohio Chapter. Utt organized the effort to support the trip, which included Joel’s brothers, sisters and grandparents, and promoted Joel’s winning poster in area schools and communities. Utt is a professional member and President of the Central Ohio Chapter.

George W. Pearson, CSP, ARM

George W. Pearson, of Richmond, VA, also organized support for Joel Atkins and his family. A professional member of the Colonial Virginia Chapter, Pearson spearheaded efforts to raise funds for the Atkins family to travel to Washington, DC. Pearson also helped plan the NAOSH Week kick-off activities for ASSE families and corporate partners.