Vol. 11, No. 7


Brian Brown
Brian Brown, of Dawesville, Australia, is an executive officer of ASSE’s Western Australia Chapter and serves as a representative to the Society’s Global Task Force. In addition to serving on the 2006 Council on Member and Region Affairs “Most of the World” Task Force that created a task force which currently serves as an interim governing body for ASSE international chapters, Brown also submitted the first Chapter Stars application for the Western Australia Chapter.

Michael T. Coleman
Michael Coleman, of Springdale, AR, was recognized for his support of the Society’s Leadership Conference Task Force, specifically for his work on two sessions, “Chapter ICU” and “Membership Needs Assessment.” Coleman is the Arkansas Chapter Membership Chair, and serves as chair of the Manufacturing Branch of the Management Practice Specialty.

Dirk J. Duchscherer, CSP, ARM
Dirk Duchscherer, of Sacramento, CA, received his award for his work with the Program Subcommittee for the PDC, which he served as 2006-07 Chair. In addition to helping to develop a quality program, he coached committee members and led the review of more than 500 session proposals. Duchscherer also served as the moderator for the 2006 Executive Summit at the PDC.

Paul A. Esposito, CSP, CIH, CPEA
Paul Esposito, of Annapolis, MD, was recognized for his work as Task Force Chair for ASSE’s Measuring Performance for Safety Success symposium. He developed ideas and provided useful insights in the development of the symposium, which drew more than 330 attendees. He also served as master of ceremonies for the program.

Ashok Garlapati
Ashok Garlapati, of Ahmadi, Kuwait, was recognized for his continued work to strengthen the Society’s international efforts. He served on the 2005 International Membership Task Force and also contributed as a member of the 2006 “Most of the World” Task Force. Currently, he is the Kuwait Chapter’s representative to ASSE’s Global Task Force, and he also successfully submitted the first international Chapter Stars application from the Kuwait Chapter.

Donald D. Garman, CSP
Donald Garman, of Fairport NY, was honored for his contributions to the Government Affairs Committee (GAC) in the Council on Professional Affairs. He serves at the national level in many positions, such as senior member of the GAC and chair of the Task Force on Global Harmonization. He also serves as ASSE’s representative to OSHA alliance programs related to global harmonization.

James H. Morris III
Jim Morris, of Virginia Beach, VA, was recognized for his contributions as Region VI Vice President and his efforts to create a task force of members to address suggestions from the 2005 International Membership Task Force. In addition Morris works with the Global Task Force and helps maintain an information-sharing partnership with the Kuwait Chapter.

Terrie S. Norris, CSP, ARM, CPSI
Terrie Norris, of Long Beach, CA, is Region I Vice President and Chair of the Society’s Diversity Committee, where she has implemented activities such as a Diversity in Safety poster and diversity-focused sessions at the PDC and Leadership Conference. The committee has also developed a survey to gather data concerning the diversity of ASSE members. Norris serves as the Council on Member and Region Affairs, is committee chair for the Chapter Stars program and serves as the council’s representative on ASSE’s Strategic Planning Committee.

C. Christopher Patton, CSP
Chris Patton, of Hazelwood, MO, was recognized for his work as Region V Vice President and as Chair of the National Future Safety Leaders Conference Task Force. He also serves on the Leadership Conference Task Force, and chairs subcommittees of the Council on Member and Region Affairs. Patton represented the council for 2 years while on the Finance Committee and he served 2 years as the council Vice-Chair.

George W. Pearson, CSP, ARM
George Pearson, of Richmond, VA, was recognized for his efforts to continue the development of the Risk Management/Insurance Practice Specialty, ASSE’s second largest practice specialty, which he serves as Administrator. With more than 34 years of service to ASSE, Pearson has also initiated two audioconference calls, has presented at professional development conferences, and has written and provided background materials for many newsletter articles. He is also a founding member of the International Practice Specialty.