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Hexavalent Chromium Audioconference

On January 17, ASSE will host “The OSHA Hexavalent Chromium Standard: Requirements of the Standard and the Impact on SH&E Professionals.” Slated to run from 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. CST, the audioconference is recognized for CoC credit by the Board of Certified Safety Professionals. Speaker David O’Connor from OSHA’s Directorate of Standards and Guidance will discuss assessing hexavalent chromium hazards from a compliance perspective as well as regulatory enforcement. The $75 registration fee includes articles about the standard, the audioconference presentation and PowerPoint, and a CD recording of the call.

BCSP Recertification Quiz Program

If you are a CSP, did you know that you can participate in BSCP’s online quiz program to earn CoC points? These quizzes are based on the technical contents of well-circulated membership organization journals, including Professional Safety. All quizzes are open book.

ASSE Forms New Ergo Branch

ASSE recently formed the Ergonomics Branch to benefit the large number of ASSE practice specialty members who work in ergonomics. Cosponsored by the Industrial Hygiene and Engineering practice specialties, the branch is expected to provide a knowledge exchange platform to capture the membership’s body of knowledge about ergonomics and to develop a system to deliver this information to members.

More News

Greater Tidewater Holds Kids’ Safety Poster Contest

In Virginia Beach, VA, the Greater Tidewater Chapter held a "Kids' Holiday Safety Poster Contest" in partnership with one of the schools, Parkway Elementary. The contest was modeled after the Society's annual North American Occupational Safety and Health Week Kids' Safety-on-the-Job Poster Contest. Nearly 500 posters were submitted from the school. Messages included "Don't play with matches;" "Be careful with ladders;" "Always have a grown-up with you when you are using the stove;" and "Drive safely during the holidays." All of the messages from the posters were recorded on a board, and will be displayed at the school. Because of the overwhelming number of posters, Chapter President Steve LePock decided to expand the prizes, awarding movie gift cards to the top four contestants in each grade level. The winning posters were displayed at the school’s Holiday Social, and will be displayed on the chapter's website, along with pictures from the awards assemblies at the school.

Safety Groups Sponsor Video Contest for Teens

ASSE’s Gulf Coast Chapter has partnered with NASA/Johnson Space Center and OSHA’s Houston office to sponsor the 2007 Teen “Safety-on-the-Job” Public Service Announcement (PSA) Video Contest for Houston area high-school students. Participants will develop original, 30-second PSAs that focus on recognizing and following safe work practices. The contest runs through March 1, 2007. In addition to monetary awards, winning student groups will be invited to participate in North American Occupational Safety and Health Week events in Washington, DC, and they will be recognized during a ceremony at the Johnson Space Center.

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Member News

Bullard Chair Receives International Safety Award

E.D. Bullard Co. Chair Edward D. “Jed” Bullard was awarded the 2006 Distinguished Service Award by the International Safety Equipment Association (ISEA). Bullard is a recognized leader in the field of personal protective equipment.

The Distinguished Service Award acknowledges Bullard’s vision and leadership. In addition to his current work as chair at Bullard, Bullard served as chair of the board at both ISEA (1995-96) and National Safety Council (2003-05). He is a member of ASSE’s Bluegrass Chapter.

Edward D. “Jed” Bullard

Gleason Honored

The Safety Equipment Institute (SEI) recently honored Patricia Gleason as an industry leader in the standardization community. Gleason is a member of ASSE’s Northern West Virginia Chapter, and president and chief operating officer of SEI, was recognized as a valuable resource in the field of product certification. A member and chair of the ANSI Accreditation Committee, Gleason has helped to shape the institute’s procedures and activities for the accreditation.

Top Recruiters: Honor Roll

The latest additions to ASSE's Honor Roll.