Outstanding Student Section Awarded to Murray State

ASSE's Murray (KY) State University (MSU) Student Section, part of ASSE's Purchase Area Chapter, has 63 members, which represents 33 percent of all students in the university's undergraduate and graduate safety-related programs.

Among its activities during the 2004-05 school year, the section published a bimonthly newsletter, maintained a section website and held regular meetings, several of which featured technical content on topics such as training, environmental management and weather safety. The section was also active in campus and community activities, as well as outreach efforts. The MSU Student Section and its members:

  • Participated in MSU's Merit Badge Day event by hosting the safety merit badge. Section members taught Boy Scouts about fire safety, emergency preparedness and traffic safety.
  • Gave presentations on emergency preparedness at a local church seminar on disaster preparedness.
  • Participated in a disaster drill for county fire, EMS and police personnel.
  • Sponsored a symposium, “Union & Management: Working Together for Safety.”
  • Participated in a student mentor day, allowing students to shadow SH&E professionals while at work.
  • Assisted with the Kentucky Governors' Safety & Health Conference.
  • Sponsored two scholarships for undergraduate and graduate occupational safety and health students.

“I have been impressed by the dedication, team effort and genuine commitment that has been put forth,” says David Fender, Ed.D., CSP, MSU Student Section Faculty Advisor, of the section's efforts. “This is an organization that I can honestly say we are very fortunate to have as part of our department, as well as the university,” adds David Kraemer, Ph.D., chair of MSU's Dept. of Occupational Safety & Health. “This is truly a group of committed future safety and health professionals.”

As part of the award, the section will receive $6,000, of which $4,000 will be awarded as scholarships to two section members and $1,000 will be given to the section advisor to advance student research.