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Vol. 8, No. 4

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Top Stories

ASSE & AIHA Sign Memorandum of Understanding
On Aug. 6, ASSE President Gene Barfield, CSP, and AIHA President Donna Doganiero, CIH, signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU), in which the two occupational and environmental safety and health groups pledge to “work cooperatively on all matters of mutual interest to reach common goals.” The MOU highlights five key areas in which ASSE and AIHA will work together: government affairs; public relations; promotion of publications and products; education; and foundations. The groups also agreed to foster regular communications as a way to “provide leadership in fulfilling the spirit of cooperation.”

Steps to a Healthier U.S. Workforce Symposium
NIOSH will hold a three-day symposium to launch its new initiative, "Steps to a Healthier U.S. Workforce," aimed at integrating individual worker health and healthy lifestyle promotion with the agency's mission of protecting and improving working conditions and the work environment. ASSE is cosponsoring the event, which is slated to run Oct. 26-28 in Washington, DC. T he symposium will allow researchers, policymakers, practitioners, academicians, employers and labor leaders to share their experiences with integrated and coordinated health promotion and protection programs. The September issue of Professional Safety featured an interview with NIOSH Director Dr. John Howard.

Common Interest Group: Safety Professionals & the Latino Workforce
ASSE has established a new common interest group, Safety Professionals and the Latino Workforce (SPALW), which is open to all ASSE members. While workplace accidents nationwide overall are slowly decreasing, accidents for the Latino ethnic group are rising. Between 1992 and 2001, fatalities among Latino workers increased 67 percent, and 22 percent since 1999 (AFL-CIO). Although fatalities among this population decreased six percent in 2002, the 840 deaths recorded that year represent the second highest annual total of Latino worker fatalities recorded to date (Bureau of Labor Statistics).

More News

ASSEF Board Elects New Chair, Appoints Trustees
Kennith D. Brock, CSP, has been appointed as a trustee of the ASSE Foundation, and has been elected to serve as chair of its Board. A professional member of the Granite State Chapter and senior partner for Strategic Safety Solutions LLC, Brock succeeds Karl Jacobson, CSP, who served as ASSEF trustee for six years and chair for three. Jacobson will remain on the ASSEF board as past chair for one year. In addition, J. Milton Goettee, CSP, ARM, a professional member of the Central Indiana Chapter, and Thomas F. Cecich, CSP, CIH, a professional member of the North Carolina Chapter, have been appointed as trustees.

ASSEF Seeks Research Grant Proposals
ASSE Foundation is now accepting proposals for its research grant . One award up to $20,000 will be awarded to a safety and health researcher who will conduct applied research that would enhance management performance in reducing workplace injuries and illnesses. Applications are due Oct. 1.

Safety Training Symposium, SeminarFest on Tap
ASSE's Safety Training Symposium and Expo will be held Nov. 11-12 in Scottsdale, AZ. The program will feature 21 concurrent sessions , an exposition to highlight the latest SH&E training products and services, as well as hands-on demonstrations and numerous networking opportunities. "When it comes to workplace safety, training is a key concern for all SH&E professionals," says ASSE Council Vice President for Professional Development Warren Brown, CSP, ARM, CSHM. "This program addresses many of the needs of today's occupational safety, health and environmental professional in all aspects of training."

ASSE will again host SeminarFest . Slated to run Feb. 13-19 in Las Vegas, NV, SeminarFest 2005 will offer a full week of seminars and workshops designed to help you complete your training needs for the year. Courses will cover a wide variety of technical, management and skill-development topics, as well as topics to help prepare for the ASP, CSP, CHST and OHST certification exams.

ASSE Finds Few Employers Addressing Workplace Violence
This spring, ASSE conducted a follow up to its 1999 workplace violence survey—and found little improvement. For example, although the number of violent incidents in respondents' workplaces remained the same, 70 percent of those surveyed said their organization had not undergone a formal risk assessment of the potential for violent acts. ASSE's white paper summarizes the results of the survey.

ASSE Audioconference on Fall Protection 
ASSE will host an audioconference on Sept. 22—from 11:00 to 12:30 pm CST—to address ANSI/ASSE A10.32-2004, Fall Protection Systems for Construction and Demolition Operations. The 90-minute presentation, led by A10 Committee member Philip Colleran, will address what the new standard covers as well as how it differs from ANSI A10.14-1991, Requirements for Safety Belts, Harnesses, Lanyards and Lifelines for Construction and Demolition Use, which was withdrawn in June 2002. Participants will receive a copy of the new A10.32 standard, a copy of the withdrawn A10.14-1991 standard and a PowerPoint presentation on A10.32. Cost to ASSE members is $75.

Member News

Make A Connection Recruitment Challenge Winners

ASSE has announced the winners of its 2003 “Make A Connection” membership recruitment challenge:
Patrick Knight, West Michigan Chapter, won a big screen television.
Matthew Keck, Heart of America Chapter, won a home entertainment system
Gerald Bowers, San Francisco Chapter, won a $1,000 shopping spree on
James Orff, Georgia Chapter, won a digital camera.
To learn more about this year's Pass It On challenge, visit

Certificate in Safety Management
ASSE's Certificate in Safety Management program consists of three required courses and various electives. To receive the certificate, participants must earn a total of 7.5 CEUs, and all courses must be completed within a five-year period. Earning ASSE's Certificate in Safety Management is an excellent way to advance your career.

Executive Program in Safety Management
ASSE's Executive Program in Safety Management is designed to help SH&E professionals demonstrate safety system success and gain a career advantage. Participants receive a certificate after earning a total of 7.5 CEUs for completing three required seminars (4.9 CEUs) and additional ASSE national seminars or symposia (at least 2.6 CEUs).


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