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Cleveland, OH
August 1
Math Review
August 2-4
ASP Workshop
August 2-4
Safety Management I
August 3-5
Safety Management II
August 5-7
CSP Workshop
Des Plaines, IL
August 23-24
Reducing Losses From Occupational Health Risks and Environmental Exposures
August 25-27
Managing the Business Aspects of Safety
August 4
Reinforcing Excellent Safety Performance: Rewards, Recognition & Incentives
August 18
Understanding a Comprehensive Managed Fall Protection Program & Personnel Key to Its Development & Implementation
August 25
When No One’s Watching: The Psychology of Self-Motivation

2011 Society Nominations Due August 15

The deadline for nominating society officers for the positions of senior vice president, vice president, Council on Professional Affairs and vice president, Council on Professional Development are due Aug. 15, 2010.

Sponsors Still Needed for Future Safety Leaders Conference

Show support for your chapter’s student section by sponsoring the Future Safety Leaders Conference, scheduled for Nov. 4-5, 2010, in Schaumburg, IL. Contact Mary Goranson, ASSE Foundation manager, at (847) 768-3412 for more information.

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SH&E Generations
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We recently asked ASSE members to share their stories of following a relative into the SH&E profession or of having a son or daughter follow them into the safety profession. Here’s the story of Kelly Bernish and her grandfather, A.W. Kelly.

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SH&E Generations: Kelly Bernish & A.W. Kelly

I know you’ll think I’m crazy when I tell you one of my most coveted worldly possessions is an old issue of Industrial Supervisor. I have never been able to look at its modern day predecessor, Today’s Supervisor in quite the same way.

Sure, you’re thinking this woman is one of those over-the-top safety people. Let me tell you the story behind it. After my grandmother passed away, I was helping go through all of the stuff my grandparents had accumulated over nearly 90 years, and there it was, the August 1954 copy of Industrial Supervisor.  “WOW!” I thought. “This is really strange. Why would my grandmother have this?” After thumbing through it, much to my surprise, I came across an article written by my grandfather and namesake, A.W. Kelly, protection and safety department for the United Steel Corp.

It was a fabulous story of how he, during a family car trip with my mother in tow, had stopped to buy an ice cream cone. When he went to put the dollar down on the counter, the woman refused to take his money. When asked why, the woman went on to tell my grandfather that during World War II, “I was the young girl who drilled the small holes in the 250-lb bombs using a high speed drill. You observed me operating the drill one afternoon with my face shield swung up, out of position and my eyes unguarded.  Walking up to me,  you boldly asked me where I lived, and when I replied, ‘beyond Uniontown’, you told me to shop every store in that city on my next day off to see if I could buy a pair of eyes that were as good as the two I already had. You said no more and walked away.”

Apparently the very next day, this woman experienced an incident where the drill shattered in countless pieces, striking her in the face directly in line with her eyes, but on that day, she had her face shield in place. As a war widow she was eternally grateful to my grandfather for inspiring her to work safely, so that she, as she put it, “could continue to watch my son grow up.”

I never knew of my safety heritage until then and promptly scolded my mother for not telling me of it. I have been referred to as a safety cheerleader, missionary, you name it, and now I can proudly say I come by it honestly.

My point is not to bore you with sappy family history, but to share with you A.W. Kelly’s closing to his article. “One never knows! Little seeds of safety do not always fall on barren ground.” So, keep that in mind when you encounter someone working unsafely. Who knows? Maybe someday someone may pick up your ice cream tab or better yet, you will have the satisfaction of knowing you prevented an injury or may have even saved a life.

Kelly Bernish is a professional member of ASSE’s Central Florida Chapter and ASSE’s WISE chair. She is manager, safety and health operations, at Walt Disney World Park & Resorts, U.S.

SH&E Generations

Many SH&E professionals have parents or children who are also in the profession. Did your son or daughter follow in your footsteps? Did a parentís involvement in the safety profession encourage you to follow in their footsteps? ASSE would like to hear from you.

Tell us your story of SH&E generations.