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Upcoming Events
July 1-2
Safety Management II
July 8
Webinar: Safety in Design
July 17
Webinar: Overcome the Five Fatal Flaws That Get in the Way of Effective Near-Miss Reporting
July 19
Math Review
July 20-22
ASP Workshop
July 22
Webinar: Step-Change Leadership: Moving Safety Leadership from Good to Great
July 23-25
CSP Workshop
July 27-28
Reducing Losses From Occupational Health Risks and Environmental Exposures
July 29-31
Managing the Business Aspects of Safety

Safety 2010 Call for Papers

ASSE is still accepting proposals for presentations at its 2010 Professional Development Conference. The committee is particularly interested in advanced, technically oriented and practical presentations. Submissions are due July 31. Apply online or download an application form today.

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Top Stories

Safety 2009 Sessions Available

For those who were not able to attend Safety 2009, webcast recordings of the 11 most popular sessions, as they were recorded live at the conference, will be available for purchase starting later this month. These webcasts include access to the slides, speaker audio and any videos that were part of the presentations. If you purchase all 11 sessions, you will be able to earn 1.0 CEU. For more information, please contact Dan McNeill.

In addition to the webcasts, all sessions are now available for purchase and download from Audio Visual Education Network in the form of audio files.

Leadership Conference Registration Opens July 31, New Officer Training Available

ASSE’s 2009 Leadership Conference will be held October 1-3 in Lombard, IL. This conference is for chapter officers, practice specialty administrators/assistant administrators, committee chairs, deputy regional vice presidents and area directors to improve leadership skills and knowledge, and enhance the leadership success of volunteer leaders. Registration opens July 31.

In addition, new officer training is currently available in ASSE’s Virtual Classroom for incoming chapter officers. ASSE’s Julie Neuleib, manager, chapter/student services, created the training sessions based on the model chapter bylaws. Learning objectives are to indentify the duties of chapter officers; explain how the individual chapter fits into the Society; maintain chapter charter by adhering to key chapter deadlines; fulfill duties as defined by ASSE’s model chapter bylaws; and successfully navigate Officer Central to find necessary documents.


More News

July Webinar Preview

ASSE will deliver three webinars during July.

  • Safety In Design, Wednesday, July 8, 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. CDT
    This course will cover all aspects of the topic including hazard identification, risk assessment models and hierarchy of controls. Examples and case studies from general industry and construction will illustrate how safety in design can be used in real-world scenarios.

  • Overcome the Five Fatal Flaws That Get in the Way of Effective Near-Miss Reporting, Friday, July 17, 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. CDT
    This webinar is designed to help leaders understand the safety culture factors, and barriers companies create that unintentionally prevent people from reporting near misses. In addition, attendees will gain insight on how to maximize their near-miss engine.

  • Step-Change Leadership: Moving Safety Leadership From Good to Great, Wednesday, July 22, 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. CDT
    This interactive workshop will provide concepts, strategies and tools you can use to make a difference in your safety culture, emphasizing strong leadership engagement. The course will highlight leading-edge safety metrics, show how to craft a story with your observation intelligence, and help you transform the way leadership looks at safety.

Upon completion of each session, registrants will receive a link to the recorded version of the session for later viewing and 0.2 CEUs.

ASSE 2008-09 President Warren Brown speaks at the Northeast Tennessee Chapter's safety symposium.

Warren Brown Discusses Safety in These Economic Times

At a recent Northeast Tennessee Chapter safety symposium, ASSE 2008-09 President Warren Brown, CSP, ARM, CSHM, spoke about how safety is affected by the current economic situation. Brown’s presentation, Work Safety in These Economic Times, explained how companies are mistaken if they reduce or ignore safety during hard economical times to save on costs. Brown said in the long run, cutting safety programs will only result in greater costs for companies through higher accident rates and health insurance costs and a reduction in company trust.


Chapter News

Georgia Chapter Members Volunteer Time to Help Students

Members of ASSE’s Georgia Chapter recently participated in the annual Construction Education Foundation of Georgia’s Construction Career Expo by volunteering their time and donating prizes to deserving student participants. The event, which attracted more than 5,000 high school, middle school and technical college students, and teachers, concentrated on construction and related fields, which consisted of 18 different “worlds.” Attendees were required to treat the expo as an active jobsite, wear head protection, safety glasses, long pants and closed-toe, low-heel shoes. Each person also had to attend a safety briefing at the World of Safety prior to entering the different arenas.

Georgia Chapter members volunteered for the World of Safety and donated prizes for those students selected to win with completed “passports.”

Pecos Valley Section Sponsors Billboards for National Safety Month

Members of the Pecos Valley Section of the New Mexico Chapter sponsored two billboards to help promote National Safety Month, which was in June. While organizing the section’s documents and records, chapter member Kathy Louer came across pictures of the billboards that the section sponsored in 1999. Louer and other chapter members took the previous layout and put together some ideas with the current logo and sent it off to Tumbleweed Graphics, which came up with the current design. One billboard was placed in Roswell, NM, with Louer’s contact information and the other billboard was in Carlsbad, NM, with chapter member Rick Pond as the contact.

In the past year, the section has also sponsored two $250 scholarships for the local college’s safety program and printed some fun safety stickers (designed by Pond) outlining five OSHA standards to keep in mind before breaking ground.

Central Florida Chapter Helps Fund WISE Networking Session

The Central Florida Chapter donated funds to support the Women in Safety Engineering (WISE) networking sessions that were held at Safety 2009. WISE promotes the advancement of women in the SH&E profession through fostering an environment that allows members to share ideas; ongoing evaluation of the state of women in the SH&E profession; mentoring women in the SH&E profession; networking to strengthen professional relationships; obtaining professional certifications; and promoting the development and peer review of written material related to issues specific to women in the workplace as well as within the SH&E profession.

Kuwait Chapter Recognizes World Environment Day

To commemorate World Environment Day (WED), which is celebrated annually on June 5, ASSE’s Kuwait Chapter held a technical meeting to discuss environmental protection and the significance of WED. The main objective of WED, established in 1972 by the UN, is to draw the world’s attention to the importance of the environment and engage people to take political action aimed at giving a human face to environmental issues; encouraging citizens to become active agents of sustainable, fair development; and fostering associations to ensure that all people and nations enjoy a safer and more prosperous future.

With more than 100 participants, including chapter members and government officials, the chapter’s technical meeting featured speakers Dhari Nasser Al Ajmi, director, Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research, and Mahmoud Abdullah, general manager, QHSE, KOTC.

Delmarva Chapter Vice President Norman Umberger and CSB's Gary Visscher.

CSB Member Speaks at Delmarva Chapter Meeting

At a recent meeting, ASSE’s Delmarva Chapter hosted Gary Visscher, CSB member, who gave an informative presentation on combustible dust in industrial and agricultural settings. Visscher said that CSB considers combustible dust to be a significant industrial safety problem. In November 2006, CSB issued a Combustible Dust Hazard Study after reviewing various databases that found 281 reported combustible dust fires and explosions occurred between 1980 and 2005. Those incidents resulted in 119 fatalities and 718 injuries.

Visscher focused on five incidents: Allied Terminals tank collapse at Chesapeake, VA, in November 2008; Imperial Sugar Co. explosion at Savannah, GA, in February 2008; West Pharmaceutical plant disaster in Kinston, NC, in January 2003; CTA Acoustics plant explosion in Corbin, KY, in February 2003; and Hayes Lemmerz Incident in Huntington, IN, in October 2003.

He also presented tips on preventing combustible dust explosions and limiting the damage if one does occur. Companies should search for dust on hidden, out-of-the-way, out-of-sight surfaces. Employees, including maintenance employees, need to be trained and aware of dust hazards. MSDS should be checked, but not relied on as the sole source of information; companies should follow up with suppliers and test materials, dusts and powders. Companies should not become complacent and assume that just because nothing too serious has happened yet means it will not, if the conditions are present. All incidents should be promptly and properly investigated; warnings should not be ignored.

Visscher showed chapter members the first 5 minutes of the CSB combustible dust video that the agency expects to issue this summer. The segment included John Bresland, chair of CSB, talking about combustible dust and a dramatization of the Hayes Lemmerz incident where aluminum dust in leaking ducts had accumulated up to several inches thick in some areas.

IUP Student Section Receives Volunteer Service Award

ASSE’s Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP) Student Section was awarded the Volunteer Service of the Year Outstanding Organizations Award for 2008-09 from the IUP Office of Service Learning. The award is given out to student organizations based on their level of work and commitment with the community. The IUP student section was recognized for their community work which included a nicotine sampling in an uptown establishment to determine the effectiveness of the nonsmoking sections versus smoking sections; a bicycle safety event where bike repairs and educational bike safety materials were available; and a presentation at a local middle school about green building design, which section members and faculty advisor, Tracey Cekada, CSP, CHSP, Ph.D., participated in.

“This organization has really worked cohesively as a group to get their events off the ground,” says Cekada. “I am impressed with the ability of them to find time outside the classroom to do things for the community. I am extremely proud of them.”

IUP Student Section is part of ASSE’s Western Pennsylvania Chapter and has won ASSE’s Outstanding Student Section award five times.


Member News

Norris Honored as LA Chapter WISE Person of the Year

The Los Angeles Chapter’s Women in Safety Engineering common interest group recently honored Terrie S. Norris, CSP, ARM, CPSI, as its Safety Person of the Year for her continued contribution to the SH&E profession and to workplace safety and health. Norris is risk control manager for Bickmore Risk Services in Long Beach, CA. She was most recently Region I Vice President (RVP), and began her term as ASSE’s 2009-10 Senior Vice President on July 1. Currently a professional member of the Long Beach Chapter, Norris has more than 20 years’ experience in the field, and has been a member of ASSE since 1987. In addition to RVP, she has served in several chapter officer positions for the Orange County Chapter, including president. Norris is an ASSE Foundation donor, and was instrumental in the development and funding of the Diversity Committee Scholarship through the ASSE Foundation.

Alderman Selected to Chair NFPA 101

John Alderman, P.E., CSP, of Seabrook, TX, was selected to chair NFPA 101, Industrial, Storage and Special Occupancies (High Rises) Technical Committee. Alderman has nearly 30 years’ experience in engineering, safety evaluations, fire protection, risk analysis and hazard assessment in the petroleum, chemical, and oil and gas industries. He served as ASSE’s representative on the NFPA 101 committee, and he is currently vice president of RRS/Schirmer for Schirmer Engineering. He holds a B.S. in Fire Protection and an M.A. in Engineering Management. Alderman is a professional member of the Gulf Coast Chapter.

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