Key Differences

  • Decrease BOD from 16 to 10 members.
  • Add one public member.
  • Elect 8 BOD members Society-wide.
  • Separate governance function from operations function.
  • Expand regions (anticipated) for additional chapter support.
  • Operate practice specialties and common interest groups more transparently.

Members Approve Governance Change

ASSE’s House of Delegates (HOD) approved the proposed governance model (in a 166 to 31 vote) on Sunday, June 8, during the group’s annual meeting in Orlando, FL. Before approving the measure, delegates discussed various issues related to the proposed changes, including the need to ensure that members are truly represented on the board, the role of a public director and the influence of chapters. Other discussion points included the implementation plan, the need for regular review to ensure that the governance structure continues to meet the Society’s needs and how the changes will affect board costs. By approving the ASSE bylaws with the governance change, the HOD also authorized ASSE’s Board of Directors to implement the changes.

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