John Corriveau
John Corriveau has worked in the safety industry since 1978 and incorporated Lighthouse Safety, LLC in 1995. His many years in sales and service, combined with his extensive educational pursuits, have afforded him a unique perspective and approach to working with manufacturers, end users and distributors with regards to their fall protection and confined space applications.

The primary aspects of Corriveau’s consulting practice include analyzing needs, identifying solutions, recommending correct equipment and providing customized training for his customers. His comprehensive knowledge of safety equipment and related state and federal standards provides the background for his ability to review and recommend specific fall protection programs and equipment for compliance purposes.

Corriveau’s work with Lighthouse Safety, LLC has taken him across the country training, consulting and demonstrating fall protection and confined space equipment to both distributors and corporations as well as national safety shows and conferences, where he frequently serves as a guest speaker. He is a member of the National Safety Council, ASSE and the International Society for Fall Protection. In addition, he has been a contract trainer for the OSHA Training Institute in Chicago, IL for the past five years. He has also trained for the U.S. Air Force, most recently at military bases in Okinawa, Misawa, Alaska and Hawaii.