Promoting Employee Health: A Guide for Worksite Wellness, Second Edition

By Rebecca Cogwell Anderson, Ph.D

Published by ASSE, 1800 E. Oakton St., Des Plaines, IL 60018-2187; phone (847) 699-2929. 1999, softcover, 104 pp.; members/nonmembers: $16.95. ISBN 1-885581-25-4. Order #4374

Dr. Anderson has developed a text that directors of worksite wellness programs and their supervisors will find extremely useful. It is one of the more comprehensive books of its type on the market. All of the factors to be considered prior to implementation of a successful worksite wellness program are identified and clearly explained. Topics are logically sequenced and easy to follow. Even individuals with a limited background in worksite health promotion will have no problems with interpretation of its contents.

Information presented is current, and technically accurate. Anderson has carefully evaluated current research findings in health promotion, and provides solid documentation in support of her recommendations. She also provides clear warnings about questionable practices and faulty sources of information. An excellent listing of existing wellness programs and resources appears in the appendix of this volume which will prove valuable to the health promotion specialist.

This will be a popular addition to the literature in worksite health promotion because of its readability, and the broad range of topics covered. The information presented is technically accurate and well-researched. There are no weaknesses or serious omissions.

While this book was clearly written for worksite wellness directors and their staff, it will also be an ideal resource for corporate CEO's, and others with decision-making responsibilities in any organization. The author has obviously had a great deal of experience in behavior modification, and knows what it takes to effect positive lifestyle change. She presents her ideas clearly and with a welcome absence of technical jargon. I know of no other text that provides as much information for individuals responsible for the well-being of their employees in such a user-friendly and concise manner. If your goal is to provide cost-efficient programs that will make a difference in the lives of your personnel and their families, I highly recommend Promoting Employee Health: A Guide for Worksite Wellness.

Neil Hattlestad, Ed.D.
Dean of the College of Health and Applied Sciences
University of Central Arkansas
Conway, AR