Out of the Box - Skills for Developing Your Own Career Path

By Mark D. Hansen, P.E., CPE, CSP

As safety professionals, we must make all the right moves if we expect our careers to flourish. Making the wrong move can have long-term consequences that can impact promotability-or worse, our continued employment.

Just what are the right moves? How and when should they be made? What can you do to recover if you've made the wrong move? In Out of the Box, Hansen does an excellent job of presenting the skills and techniques a safety professional needs to successfully manage his/her career. He shares personal, proven and valuable insight into such areas as getting the top safety job, understanding the business of safety management, and developing necessary leadership skills; he also includes many useful tools and tips for career advancement.

This book covers all the "stuff" they don't teach you in the classroom-information you really wish you had learned before entering the safety profession. It is a quick read, full of great takeaway ideas that the reader can begin to use immediately.

As someone once said to me, the only person who cares about or controls your career is you. Hansen's book provides great insight on how to take control and move forward.

Samuel J. Gualardo, CSP
Indiana, PA


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