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Volunteer opportunities within the Council on Practices and Standards (CoPS) will help you sharpen your existing skills, develop new skills in a risk-free environment, expand your horizons, become more motivated and energized about safety, increase your visibility within the profession, boost self-satisfaction and demonstrate workplace and leadership skills that can be documented on your resume.

Each of the 29 practice specialties, branches and common interest groups has a core advisory committee that sets the direction and objectives for the group, works on special projects and composes technical publications. The volunteer positions and responsibilities are outlined below. The time commitments for the different positions vary, from negligible (approximately 6 hours per year) to very involved (approximately 2 hours per week) for leadership roles. Please contribute in any capacity that fits into your life and set of demands.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Charlyn Haguewood.

CoPS Volunteer Advisory Committee
Position Descriptions

  • Participate in quarterly to monthly conference calls
  • Submit status reports to the Administrator/Chair when necessary
  • Actively participate in member recruitment during conferences and meetings
  • Write articles for the newsletter on a regular basis


  • Coordinate and lead quarterly to monthly conference calls.
  • Determine the group’s direction, objectives and succession plan.
  • Supply an Administrator/Chair Message to the Newsletter Coordinator on time for the triannual newsletter.
  • Act as the main point of contact for the Practice Specialty/Branch/Common Interest Group (for ASSE, members and non-members).
  • Work with the other advisory committee members to coordinate activities and delegate responsibilities.
  • Spearhead special projects to add value to the group and membership.
  • Assign volunteers to committee positions and make sure the advisory committee if fully staffed.
  • Create subcommittees as needed.
  • Attend two in-person council meetings per year (Administrators only).
Assistant Administrator/Vice Chair
  • Lead quarterly to monthly conference calls in the Administrator’s/Chair’s absence.
  • Act as the secondary point of contact for the Practice Specialty/Branch/Common Interest Group (for ASSE, members and non-members).
  • Attend council meetings when the Administrator is unable to (Assistant Administrators only).
  • Step in as Administrator/Chair if the Administrator/Chair has to step down for any reason.
Executive Secretary
  • Maintain, update and distribute the contact list for the advisory committee.
  • Notify the ASSE Staff Liaison (Charlyn Haguewood) of any changes in the volunteer advisory committee.
  • Record minutes during meetings and conference calls.
  • Distribute the approved minutes to the committee and ASSE Staff.
  • Take on special projects as time permits
Publication Coordinator
  • Solicit members and non-members to write articles for the triannual newsletter
  • Read articles to ensure they are appropriate for a professional publication.
  • Seek out reprints to use in the newsletter, get reprint permission and include the proper crediting line.
  • Submit articles, images, author biographies, copyright agreements and Administrator/Chair message on or before the predetermined deadline.
Membership Development Chair
  • Attend quarterly to monthly Membership Committee conference calls.
  • Capitalize on membership recruitment opportunities.
  • Recruit via social media sites.
  • Recruit at work events, social events, conferences, seminars, workshops, etc.
  • Create a positive “buzz” about the Society and your group.
  • Participate in referral programs (i.e., Member Get a Member), promote the referral process and increase awareness about the Gift of PS/CIG Membership campaign.
  • Let staff know about industry events that are occurring so they can attend or send materials to maintain a constant presence in the safety community (2 week+ lead time preferred).
  • Create brochures and promotional materials as needed.
  • Devise recruitment tactics.
Website Chair
  • Monitor the group web pages on a regular basis.
  • Develop new “Hot Topics” and content for the web page.
  • Provide valuable links.
  • Suggest valuable news feeds or additional features.
  • Ensure all content on the site is up-to-date and all links are active.
  • Promote the web page via social networking and other sites to drive visitors to the page and increase awareness of the site.
  • Provide web page changes to the ASSE Staff (Jennie Dalesandro).
Body of Knowledge Chair
  • Attend quarterly Body of Knowledge (BoK) Committee conference calls.
  • Provide input and feedback on BoK developments.
  • Provide articles, white papers, links, research papers, resources, etc. that will enhance the wiki-like BoK site.
  • Develop a list of important topics within your niche/industry and experts that can function as resources for information on those topics.
Conferences & Seminars Chair
  • Work with ASSE Staff to develop new ideas for the annual conference.
  • Coordinate any conference activities with the group and ASSE Staff—i.e., set up forums or special events, submit a roundtable topic, provide a facilitator and recorder for your roundtable, coordinate moderators for group-sponsored sessions, schedule annual in-person group meeting, etc.
  • Take on special projects as time permits
Nominations Chair (practice specialties only)
  • Solicit and gather nominations until Dec. 15th of the election year
  • Discuss nominations with the current Administrator.
  • Submit final nominations for Administrator and Assistant Administrator to ASSE Staff by Jan. 15th of the election year.
  • Notify members (by Jan. 20th of the election year) who indicated an interest but are not nominated that they have the right to seek nominations by petition.
  • Take on special projects as time permits
Awards & Honors Chair
  • Solicit and gather nominations for ASSE/CoPS awards February-March of each year.
  • Discuss nominations with the Administrator/Chair.
  • Submit final nomination forms to the Awards & Honors Committee Chair and ASSE Staff Liaison.
  • Take on special projects as time permits