September 2014

As chief elected officer of the Society, ASSE's president promotes the advancement of the Society and the safety profession, and represents ASSE before members, other relevant professional societies and various governmental agencies. Professional Safety shares his latest thoughts on the Society, the profession and its practice.

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President's Message - July 2008

Over the coming year, I want to discuss with you our future. I want to share with you the Society’s overarching global growth message and explore the opportunities I see for us to achieve this collectively.

2008-2009 ASSE President Warren Brown, CSP, ARM

Consider the Possibilities!

ASSE is a professional society like none other in the world. Our member-driven organization cares passionately about its members and the SH&E profession. We are striving to do more to establish ASSE as an icon of SH&E excellence in the workplace, promote the profession as a value-added resource and attract more members from the global SH&E professional population by showing them how ASSE can help them advance in their professional endeavors.

Our eight strategic goals form the backbone for our Society’s vision and mission. To continue to grow as a global SH&E organization, we must pursue a series of distinct goals throughout the year and communicate those endeavors to a diverse set of stakeholders—individuals, governments, nongovernmental organizations, businesses and our communities.

Our profession is changing. Market conditions, employer expectations, cultural impacts and demographic changes will cause each of us to respond. Over the coming year, I want to discuss with you our future, delivered via our strategic plan. I want to share with you the Society’s overarching global growth message and explore the opportunities I see for us to achieve this collectively. Consider the possibilities contained in the following four themes:

1) Work with business leaders, our members’ customers, to demonstrate the value that SH&E professionals offer as enablers to business.

2) Expand intersociety network/cooperation by identifying professional organizations outside the mainstream SH&E groups and developing working opportunities.

3) Advance North American Occupational Safety and Health Week to become a global effort.

4) Exploit technology to enhance delivery of products and services to members.

I also ask you to consider what it means to be a part of this wonderfully diverse and dynamic organization. ASSE provides the venue and environment for members to tap into a network of practitioners located around the globe and in every industry. Members can be found in nearly 73 countries—including Canada, Mexico, the U.K., Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt, Western Australia and Ecuador. Through localized membership services, issue advocacy, networking and regular seminars, conferences and meetings, ASSE members around the world are connected in their efforts to improve occupational safety and health, and to promote the importance of the SH&E profession to the public, governments and businesses.

ASSE also continues to seek partnerships and alliances with other associations/professional organizations, government agencies, businesses and communities. We continue to survey, monitor and listen to you—our members—in order to deliver the high-quality programs, technical expertise, professional development and products you want and need. We also strive to anticipate trends in order to help you advance your careers.

Each of you has made the decision to be associated with other members of this great organization. I made that same choice years ago—and it is a decision that has benefited me greatly. It is said that we gain more in the giving than in the receiving—and that is absolutely true. My role as a servant leader is to ensure that each of you has the opportunity to realize the full benefits of your ASSE membership. To achieve that, I seek your input and counsel. We need each other and I am challenging you to reevaluate your involvement as a member and to reinvigorate your relationship with ASSE. Receiving greater career benefit starts with you getting involved.

In moving into this office, I have come to appreciate our past leaders, their service and their legacy. Service above self is how I can best describe these past leaders. In working with your current member leaders, I have found an incredible energy and excitement at all levels. These leaders are motivated and ready to face the many challenges that await. My role is to be their catalyst— to help sustain their passion and energy. My goal is to strategically serve and advance ASSE’s vision. I am focused on you and our profession. I ask you and business leaders to join and make workplaces everywhere incident- and injury-free. Consider the possibilities!

Warren K. Brown, CSP, ARM