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August 2014

1999 Professional Safety Article Index

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Title Index


  • Application of Activity-Based Cost Management. M.T. Brandt, S.P. Levine and J.R. Gourdoux. Jan.: 22-27.
  • Assessing the Quality of Behavioral Safety Initiatives. B. Sulzer-Azaroff and W.E. Lischeid. Apr.: 31-36.
  • Assessment Matrices for Benchmarking EH&S Programs. M.D. Taggart and H. Carter Sr. May: 34-37.


  • Behavior-Based Safety: Myths, Magic & Reality. E. Blair. Aug.: 25-29.
  • Boss Who Isn't There, The: The Key Man Dethroned. C.R. Metzgar. Jan.: 40-42.
  • Breaking the Safety Barrier: Implementing Culture Change. S.I. Simon and M. Leik. Mar.: 20-25.


  • Cellular Phones: Are They Safe? J.R. Barnes. Dec.: 20-22.
  • Characteristics Employers Are Seeking in Safety Professionals. L.J. Frederick, G.L. Winn and A.C. Hungate. Feb.: 27-31.
  • Commentary on Occupational Injury, A. T.E. Meehan. Apr.: 40-42.
  • Computer-Based Training: Developing Programs with the Knowledge-Based Safety Training System. C.A. Janicak. June: 34-36.
  • Computer-Based Training: Is It the Next Wave? R.S. Lawson. June: 30-33.
  • Contractor Safety: A Survey of the Semiconductor Industry. M.E. O'Brien. Feb.: 32-36.
  • Control of Health Hazards from Crystalline Silica. D.P. Mahoney. May: 31-33.


  • Distance Education and the Safety Professional. D.L. Fender. Oct.: 26-29.
  • Does Your Firm Inspire Organizational Citizenship? K.C.M. Sloat. Apr.: 20-23.


  • EPA's Risk Management Plan: It's Due June 21. Are You Ready? M.D. Hansen, J.A. Alderman and C. Franklyn. May: 26-30.
  • Establishing a Safe Design Process. P.S. Adams. Nov.: 29-32.
  • Evaluation of Energy Expenditure in Hazardous Waste Abatement Workers: Results of a Recent Study. J.L. Belard, B. Dotson, J.T. Wassell, D.J. Long and W.C. Wojciechowski. Jan.: 33-36.
  • Evidence-Based Approach to Low-Back Pain and Disability, An. S.H. Snook and B.S. Webster. June: 26-29.


  • Fire Pumps: Overview for the Year 2000. M. Bromann. May: 38-41.
  • Fire Safety-What Are We Thinking? G. Ownby-Hughes. Oct.: 39-44.
  • Foundation Principles: Key to Success in Behavior-Based Safety. B. Veazie. Apr.: 24-30.


  • Halon Replacements: Chemistry and Applications. R.J. Poynter. Mar.: 46-50.


  • Industrial Pedestrian, The: Danger Is Just Around the Corner. G. Swartz. Mar.: 33-36.
  • Integrated Approach to Business Risk Management, An. J.H. Statzer. Aug.: 30-32.
  • Interpersonal Trust: Key to Behavior-Based Safety Coaching. E.S. Geller. Apr.: 16-19.
  • Introduction to Safety Research, An. L.H. Ferguson. Nov.: 26-28.


  • Lessons of Suddenly Being Disabled. D.D. Lee. Nov.: 36-37.
  • Long & Winding Road, The: OSHA & Musculoskeletal Disorders. T.K. Courtney and W.S. Maynard. Aug.: 20-24.


  • Measuring Safety Performance to Achieve Long-Term Improvement. J.C. Manzella. Sept.: 33-36.
  • Medical Claim Management: Controlling WC Losses. S.V. Magyar Jr. Mar.: 41-45.
  • Mentoring the Young Safety Professional J.J. Bryant. Aug.: 16-19.
  • Merging Health Promotion & Health Protection. S. McMahan and J. Kuang. July: 38-39.
  • Motivating Management: When Cost-Benefit Analysis Fails. V.A. Gallagher Jr. May: 42-45.


  • Occupational Health Management: Does Your Program Measure Up? S.V. Magyar Jr. Sept.: 23-27.
  • Organizational Culture: A Primary Factor in Safety Performance. R.L. Gardner. Mar.: 26-32.


  • Penn State Approach to Site-Specific Health & Safety Training, The. J.P. Flick, M.C. Radomsky and R.V. Ramani. Oct.: 34-38.
  • Psychosocial Zone, The: Psychosocial Factors and Their Role in Upper Extremity Musculoskeletal Disorders. W.M. Montante. June: 20-25.


  • Railroad Crossing/Train Safety: The Advent of High-Speed Rail. J.P. Cunliffe. Feb.: 24-26.
  • Role of the Expert in a Slip-and-Fall Lawsuit. R.M. Sherman. Jan.: 37-39.


  • Safety in the Biotech Industry: Keeping Pace with Emerging Technologies. C.J. Roberg. July: 20-24.
  • Safety Professional's Guide to Understanding the Solid and Hazardous Waste Regulations, The. S. Caccavale. Sept.: 18-22.
  • Safety Self-Management: A Key Behavior-Based Process for Injury Prevention. E.S. Geller and S.W. Clarke. July: 29-33.
  • Self-Directed Work Teams: Development & Safety Performance. C.H. Shivers. July: 34-37.
  • Successful Safety Incentive Programs. B. Sims Jr. Apr.: 37-39.
  • System Safety Design Practice. P.L. Clemens. Nov.: 33-35.


  • Teaching Safety Engineering Through Solar Car Racing. P.D. Hirtz and S.L. Murray. Oct.: 30-33.
  • Three Natural Laws of an Effective Safety Program. B.E. Madison. June: 37-39.


  • Understanding & Controlling Beryllium Hazards. C.K. Stalnaker. Nov.: 22-25.
  • Uniforms 101: How to Implement a Flame-Retardant Clothing Program Without Getting Burned. G.W. Gammel and M.D. Hansen. Oct.: 20-25.
  • Unions and Behavior-Based Safety: Always the Odd Couple? G.L. Winn, L.J. Frederick and G.M. Church. Dec.: 32-34.
  • Using Scorecards to Measure Safety Performance. T.S. Ingalls Jr. Dec.: 23-28.
  • Using Symptom Surveys: What We Don't Know Can Hurt Us. L. Franits. Feb.: 42-48.
  • Using Technology Transfer to Improve Safety and Health. G.C. Argabright. Sept.: 28-32.


  • Validation of the Behavioral Safety Index. P.S. Ray, A. Frey and M.C. Farmer. July: 25-28.


  • Warning! Safety Incentive Programs Under OSHA Scrutiny. M.E. Flanders and T.W. Lawrence Jr. Dec.: 29-31.
  • What's Wrong with Behavior-Based Safety? T.A. Smith. Sept.: 37-40.
  • Which Competencies Are Most Important for Safety Managers? E.H. Blair. Jan.: 28-32.


  • Y2K: The Year 2000-Apocalypse Soon. M.D. Hansen. Feb.: 37-41.

Author Index


  • Abrams, Adele L. June: 41-43
  • Allison, William W. May: 60-63
  • Anshel, Jeffrey R. Aug.: 20-25


  • Bacon, Carol A. Oct.: 48-51
  • Beamer, Bryan Dec.: 34-40
  • Belwal, Umang July: 20-33
  • Bourbonniere, Real Dec.: 26-33
  • Brady, Jan Nov.: 18-26
  • Brubaker, Standford A. Jan.: 36-40


  • Cappello, Jolinda Sept.: 45-49
  • Chang, Wen-Ruey Sept.: 34-38
  • Chinniah, Yuvin Dec.: 26-33
  • Choi, Sang D. July: 41-45
  • Clemens, Pat Jan.: 41-44
  • Cole, Wayne M. July: 41-45
  • Courtney, Theodore K. April: 25-30
  • Courtney, Theodore K. Sept.: 34-38
  • Curry, David G. June: 28-34


  • Dean, James March: 35-38
  • Della-Giustina, Daniel E. Aug.: 26-32
  • Dempsey, Patrick G. Nov.: 27-35
  • Drelichman, Ernesto R. April: 38-41
  • Drennan, Fred S. Jan.: 26-35
  • Dunn, Kevin H. Dec.: 34-40


  • Earnest, G. Scott Dec.: 34-40
  • El-Sherbeeny, Ahmed M. Aug.: 26-32
  • English, William July: 52-55


  • Ferrante, Pamela Feb.: 20-24
  • Ferry, Ted S. June: 48-52
  • Filiaggi, Alfred J. Sept.: 34-38


  • Garcia, Alberto Dec.: 34-40
  • Geller, E. Scott June: 35-40
  • Gorbell, George L. March: 60-64
  • Grimaldi, John V. Feb.: 54-60
  • Gyekye, Seth A. July: 34-40


  • Haight, Joel M. July: 20-33
  • Hall, Ronald M. Dec.: 34-40
  • Hansen, Larry Nov.: 50-57
  • Hansen, Mark D. Oct.: 34-41
  • Hassan, Imran April: 38-41
  • Hill, Darryl C. Dec.: 62-71
  • Hong, OiSaeng Nov.: 18-26
  • Huang, Yueng-Hsiang Jan.: 36-40
  • Huang, Yueng-Hsiang Sept.: 34-38


  • Kapp, E. Andrew July: 41-45
  • Knowles, Emory E. III March: 20-27
  • Kudlinski, David N. Sept.: 24-33


  • Larson, David W. April: 38-41
  • Li, Kai Way Sept.: 34-38


  • MacCollum, David V. May: 26-33
  • Manuele, Fred A. Feb.: 25-33
  • Manuele, Fred A. April: 31-37
  • Mathiassen, Svend E. Nov.: 27-35
  • Meyer, John E. June: 28-34
  • McGorry, Raymond W. April: 25-30
  • McKinney, John M. June: 28-34
  • McShane, Brian March: 28-34
  • Montante, William M. Nov.: 36-39
  • Moyer, Diana Dec.: 20-25
  • Myers, Melvin L. Oct.: 20-26


  • Odom, James V. Aug.: 26-32


  • Paquet, Victor L. Nov.: 27-35
  • Perry, Teresa Dec.: 20-25
  • Peters, Barbara J. Aug.: 33-37
  • Peters, George A. Aug.: 33-37
  • Pfitzer, Tom Jan.: 41-44
  • Piampiano, John M. June: 22-27
  • Plunkett, Catherine Feb.: 34-39
  • Prevette, Steven S. May: 34-41


  • Ramsay, James D. Jan.: 26-35
  • Rice, Robert March: 35-38
  • Richey, David Jan.: 26-35
  • Rivers, Philip E. May: 42-50
  • Rizzo, Steven M. June: 22-27
  • Ruiz, Carmen April: 38-41


  • Salazar, Noe Aug.: 52-57
  • Smith, Susan M. Dec.: 20-25
  • Sobczak, Steve C. April: 38-41
  • Stalnaker, C. Keith Oct.: 27-33
  • Swartz, George E. Sept.: 54-58


  • Tarrants, William E. Jan.: 52-58


  • Weaver, D.A. April: 48-54
  • Weeks, Michael T. Sept.: 45-49
  • Weibert, Michael Feb.: 34-39
  • Whitaker, Carolyn Sept.: 39-44
  • Winn, Gary L. March: 35-38
  • Wolff, Bruce G. April: 38-41

Subject Index

Accident Investigation

Seeing versus Perceiving: What You See Isn’t Always What You Get. D.G. Curry, J.E. Meyer and J.M. McKinney. June: 28-34.

ASSE Foundation Research

Video-Based Ergonomic Job Analysis: A Practitioner’s Guide. V.L. Paquet, S.E. Mathiassen and P.G. Dempsey. Nov.: 27-35.

Construction Safety

Stilts Injuries in Construction: A Study of Workers’ Compensation Claims in Washington State, 1996 to 2002. C. Whitaker. Sept.: 39-44.

Emerging Issues

Nanotechnology: Evolving Occupational Safety, Health & Environmental Issues. E.E. Knowles. March: 20-27.

Nanotechnology: Is There Cause for Concern? B. McShane. March: 28-34.

Healthcare Safety

Exposure to Electrocautery Toxins: Understanding a Potential Occupational Hazard. I. Hassan, E.R. Drelichman, B.G. Wolff, C. Ruiz, S.C. Sobczak and D.W. Larson. April: 38-41.

Hearing Protection

Hearing Protection: Work Climate and Hearing Protection Behaviors in Construction Workers. J. Brady and O. Hong. Nov.: 18-26.

Noise Exposure: Hazards to Gasoline & Distillate Transport Drivers. W.R. Watts and D.N. Kudlinski. Sept.: 24-33.

Human Factors

Designing for an Aging Workforce: Can We? Should We? J.M. Haight and U. Belwal. July: 20-33.

Literature Review

Worksite Exercise Programs: Are They an Effective Control for Musculoskeletal Disorders of the Upper Extremities? R.W. McGorry and T.K. Courtney. April: 25-30.


Safety Auditing: Applying Research Methodology to Validate a Safety Audit Tool. Y.H. Huang and S.A. Brubaker. Jan.: 36-40.


Charting Safety Performance: Combining Statistical Tools Provides Quality Data. S.S. Prevette. May: 34-41.

Mine Safety

After Quecreek: A Review of Projects to Prevent Coal Mine Inundations in West Virginia. G.L. Winn, R. Rice and J. Dean. March: 35-38.

Occupational Hazards

Automation Safety: Assessing the Risks & Understanding Safeguards. Y. Chinniah and R. Bourbonniere. Dec.: 26-33.

Eye Biomarkers—Early Indicators of Occupational Toxicity: Blood Toxins, Heavy Metals & Neurotoxins. A.M. El-Sherbeeny, J.V. Odom, D.E. Della-Giustina and J.E. Smith. Aug.: 26-32.

Hawk’s Nest Tunnel: A Forgotten Tragedy in Safety’s History. C.K. Stalnaker. Oct.: 27-33.

Slips & Falls: Employee Experience & Perception of Floor Slipperiness—A Field Survey in Fast-Food Restaurants. K.W. Li, T.K. Courtney, Y.H. Huang, W.R. Chang and A.J. Filiaggi. Sept.: 34-38.

Visual Ergonomics in the Workplace: Improving Eyecare & Vision Can Enhance Productivity. J.R. Anshel. Aug.: 20-25.

Welding Hazards: Conference Examines New & Emerging Concerns. M.T. Weeks and J. Cappello. Sept.: 45-49.

Other Voices

Essence of Safety: What’s in Your Mental Model? W.M. Montante. Nov.: 36-39.

Pages from the Past

Applying the Deming Philosophy to the Safety System. N. Salazar. Aug.: 52-57.

Engineering as a Foundation for Optimum Safety Success. W.E. Tarrants. Jan.: 52-58.

Management & Industrial Safety Achievement: A Practical Approach & New Philosophy for Risk Evaluation & Control. J.V. Grimaldi. Feb.: 54-60.

Maximizing for Victim Evacuation & Recovery in Mass-Casualty Incidents. C.A. Bacon. Oct.: 48-51.

Moral Component of Our Professional Challenge, The. W. English. July: 52-55.

Motivation: Industry’s Challenge. W.W. Allison. May: 60-63.

Need for Certification of the Safety Professional, The. G.L. Gorbell. March: 60-64.

Rate Your “B.O.S.S.”: Benchmarking Organizational Safety Strategy. L. Hansen. Nov.: 50-57.

Safety in the Supervisor’s Salary Review: A Formal Approach. G.E. Swartz. Sept.: 54-58.

Symptoms of Operational Error. D.A. Weaver. April: 48-54.

Three Ps in Safety: Policies, Procedures & Performance. T.S. Ferry. June: 48-52.

Time to Transform? Assessing the Future of the SH&E Profession. D.C. Hill. Dec.: 62-71.

Professional Development

Educating Construction Safety Professionals: A Collaborative Model for the 21st Century. S.D. Choi, E.A. Kapp and W.M. Cole. July: 41-45.

Loss Management Information System: Teaching Students How to Make Better Management Decisions. P.E. Rivers. May: 42-50.

SH&E Career Success: Strategies for the Early Years & Beyond. P. Ferrante. Feb.: 20-24.

Program Development

Integrating Employee Safety & Fitness: A Model for Meeting NIOSH’s Steps to a Healthier U.S. Workforce Challenge. F.S. Drennan, J.D. Ramsay and D. Richey. Jan.: 26-35.

Management Systems: Integrating Safety, Health, Environmental & Quality Programs. M.D. Hansen. Oct.: 34-41.

Motivational Safety System: One Organization’s Experience Moving Toward World-Class Performance. M. Weibert and C. Plunkett. Feb.: 34-39.

Public Safety

Carbon Monoxide Exposure & Express Cruisers: Controlling CO Emissions & Exposures. A. Garcia, K.H. Dunn, B. Beamer, G.S. Earnest and R.M. Hall. Dec.: 34-40.


Risk Assessment & Control: Is Your System Safety Program Wasting Resources? P. Clemens and T. Pfitzer. Jan.: 41-44.

Safety Management

ANSI/AIHA Z10-2005: The New Benchmark for Safety Management Systems. F.A. Manuele. Feb.: 25-33.
Challenge of Preventing Serious Injuries, The: A Proposal for SH&E Professionals. F.A. Manuele. April: 31-37.

From Good to Great in Safety: What Does It Take to Be World Class? E.S. Geller. June: 35-40.

How Safe Is Safe? Techniques for Advancing & Applying Machinery Risk Assessments. J.M. Piampiano and S.M. Rizzo. June: 22-27.

Legal Perspectives on ANSI Z10-2005: Significant Implications for SH&E Practitioners & Employers. A.L. Abrams. June: 41-43.

Perceptions of Workplace Safety: Perspectives from Miners & Nonminers. S.A. Gyekye. July: 34-40.

Safety Research

Emerging Technologies: Inherently Safer Designs. M.L. Myers. Oct.: 20-26.

Safety Training

Creating a Safer Workforce: Training Needs for Hispanic & Foreign-Born Workers. S.M. Smith, T. Perry and D. Moyer. Dec.: 20-25.

System Safety

Compromises in the Pursuit of Safety: Negotiation & Communication Improve Outcomes. G.A. Peters and B.J. Peters. Aug.: 33-37.

Inherently Safer Design: Five Principles for Improving Construction Safety. D.V. MacCollum. May: 26-33.


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