December 28, 2000

Mr. Paul O'Neill, Chairman
Alcoa Headquarters
201 Isabella Street at the 7th Street Bridge
Pittsburgh, PA 15212-5858


Dear Chairman O'Neill:

The American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) is pleased to congratulate you on being nominated for Secretary of the U.S. Department of the Treasury. We hope the confirmation process will be positive, and your term will be beneficial for the American people, the nation, the Treasury Department, and you personally.

Let me introduce you to the professional society it is my honor to represent as President. ASSE is the oldest and largest society of safety professionals in the world. Founded in 1911, ASSE represents almost 32,000 dedicated safety professionals. Falling under the ASSE membership are Certified Safety Professionals, Certified Industrial Hygienists, Professional Engineers, Ergonomists, Academicians, Fire Protection Engineers, System Safety Experts, Health Professionals, and an impressive collection of other disciplines, skills, and backgrounds. We pride ourselves on our dedication to excellence, expertise, and commitment to the protection of people, property, and the environment on a worldwide basis.

We know from the first hand experience of our members, working for Alcoa, of your personal commitment to the enhancement of occupational safety and health and environmental management. Almost 150 Alcoa employees belong to ASSE, which we believe is a strong testament to the integrity and commitment of Alcoa's senior management team. As CFO of the United States, we will encourage you to speak out on the need for American workplaces to enhance occupational safety and health, and environmental management programs. You have first hand experience how such programs can positively impact an organization's bottom line and position it to compete more efficiently and effectively on the international level.

ASSE has worked with the Treasury Department in the past on issues such as tax credits for occupational safety and health and environmental management programs. We have also commented to the Customs Department before on issues addressing the use of recognized safety markings on imported products that do not meet the standards these markings represent. ASSE stands ready to assist you, or your representatives, when there is a need for expertise in such matters.

We conclude this letter by congratulating you once more, and look forward to working with you, or your representatives, on future safety, health, and environmental issues. Please feel free to contact ASSE should you have any questions, or suggestions on how we can work together.

Warmest Regards and Congratulations,

Samuel J. Gualardo, CSP
ASSE President, 2000-2001

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