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ERGO Resources Project

An Outgrowth of ASSE’s Alliance with OSHA

To further understanding of ergonomics and the important role good ergonomics should play in everyone’s lives, ASSE provides the following links to some of the best ergonomics resources available. This project results directly from ASSE’s commitment to its Alliance with OSHA centered on ergonomics issues. ASSE shares with OSHA Director John Henshaw the vision that OSHA in alliance with ASSE and other organizations and businesses can create a "firestorm" of interest and commitment to lessening the threat of ergonomics injuries in every workplace.

These resources were collected and rated under the direction of Lawrence J. Schulze of the University of Houston.

This project arises out of the activities of ASSE’s Ergonomics Task Force Members, which include Mark Hansen of Houston, Texas; Marsie De Oliveira of Austin, Texas; and Lawrence Schulze of Houston, Texas, and Phil Jacobs of St. Paul, Minnesota.

The Best Ergo Website Resources

Comment and Proposal for Consideration by the National Advisory Committee on Ergonomics
An interview with Mark Hansen, Chair of ASSE's Ergonomics Task Force from ErgoSolutions Magazine.Article

Government Sites



Ergonomics for Soft drink delivery industry

Meat Packing Plants


NASA Ergonomics

NASA Human Integration System-NASA-STD-3000

NASA standard for lifting devices and equipment

NASA Satellite Standard

NASA Ergo Resources

Washington State Ergonomics

Ergonomics Standard in California

Carpentry Ergonomic

Electrician Ergonomic

Ergo guide for handling

Guidelines on Ergonomic Criteria for Bridge Equipment and Layout


Human System Interface Design Guidelines--Nuclear Regulatory Commission (659 pgs)

Military Sites

Ergonomic Guidelines for Office Furniture Selection

Department of Defense Design Criteria-MIL-1472F

DOD Standard for cleaning shipboard

Educational Institution Sites

Ergonomic Guidelines for Video Display Terminal

Office Ergo Guidelines - University of Sydney

Ergonomic Guidelines for Computer Use - Harvard

Ergonomic Design Standard - University of Melbourne

Ergonomic Guidelines for Workstation Setup - Radcliffe Institute

Office Ergonomic Standard - University of Toronto

Ergonomic Workstation Guidelines - NC State University

Ergonomic Product Guidelines

Ergonomic standard and guidelines - University of Maryland

Cornell University Ergonomic Web

University of California Ergonomics

University of Nebraska Ergonomics

Louisville University Ergonomics

Loughbourough Univeristy Ergonomics

Ohio State University Ergonomics

University of California San Francisco Ergonomics

University of Michigan Ergonomics

University of California Los Angeles Ergonomics

Cornell University Ergonomics

University of California Berkeley ergonomics

Industry Sites
Basic Ergo standard

Hewlett Packard Ergo Guidelines-Working in Comfort

IBM Ergo Guide-Healthy Computing

3M Ergo site

For-Profit Sites

Ergo guidelines for installation, machine tools-ANSI B11

Ergonomic Resources

Ergo noise control-ANSI standard

ANSI Document search

ANSI BHMA Search site

ANSI Ergo Door Standards

Canadian Office Ergo Guidelines

Taylor and Francis Ergo Group



ISO/ANSI standard Links

ANSI doc library

Home Ergonomics-Safety shower

Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders

Ankrum Associates

Office Ergonomics Training

American Ergonomics Group

Ergonomic for Writers and Editors

Office Ergonomics


HPEE(Human Performance in extreme environment)

Human Factors




IEEE -- Good

System Concept Ergonomic Standard -- Fair

Repetitive strain injury FAQs by CTD Resource Network, Inc.,


Ergonomic Guide Lines for Using Notebook Computer

Stress Ergonomics

Ergonomics for teacher and student

Juvenile Computer Seating Ergo

Ergo Desk

Ergonomic Center

Ergonomic Edge

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