charles v. culbertson outstanding volunteer service award criteria

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This program provides special recognition for outstanding service to the Society at the national level.  This special recognition award shall be called the Charles V. Culbertson Outstanding Volunteer Service Award.  Special individual work accomplishments at the national level deserve recognition, both to reward these special efforts, as well as encourage others to establish higher personal goals in Society activity.


All Society Committee members, Practice Specialty officers, and elected officers are eligible, except the President, President-Elect, Senior Vice President and Past Presidents.


Nomination of Candidates

Nominations must be by the Board member responsible for the functional area in which the candidate works.  Any member of the Society wishing to recommend someone should do so to the appropriate Board member.  Nomination petitions are to be short and concise, limited to a maximum of two typewritten sheets.  Petitions shall contain detailed data regarding the candidate’s contributions to the Society, including special individual project achievement, years of service, leadership activities, and/or other information.

Evidence should be provided which indicates that services and activities led to measurable, significant, positive and recognizable accomplishments, or caused significant development or improvement of a Society activity or unit.  Only one of these criteria need to be met.  These activities shall have occurred in the previous 12-month period prior to April.

Submission of Nominations

Nominating petitions shall include both this form and a one to two page statement.  They are to be submitted to the Executive Director no later than April 1 to permit review by the Executive Committee at its spring meeting.  Awards will be presented at the PDC each June.


Culbertson Award Recipients

Award created April 1982.


2009-2010 Recipients

Diana Cortez
Christopher M. Gates
Richard F. King
Gregory L. Smith
Linda M. Tapp
James L. Weaver

Past Recipients


Richard McClelland
William Nebraska
Robert Semonisck
James Sullivan
Delmar Tally


John Aberton
James Brodrick
Frank Daniels
Cecil Hickman
Fred Manuele
Marty Marino
Jim Smirles


Roger Brauer
Ray Bolyston
Ben Rietze
William Phillips


James R. Archibald
Philip E. Ulmer
R B “Ray” Wangler


Franklin Poston
Jesse M. “Rip” Van Winkle


Wilson Robinson


Robert L. Powell, III


Allen G. Macenski


No Culbertson Winner


Gary H. Barnett
Mark Hansen
William J. Larson
James P. Kohn
Lawrence E. Oldendorf
Robert Semonisck


George Swartz
Delmar Tally
Jerry L. Williams
Peter Zimmer


Ralph Mosely


Roger Brauer
Casey Conway
Fay Feeney
Fred Fleming
Richard Gordon
Steven Kane
Franklin Perry
Joseph Townsend


John Cheffer
Philip E. Goldsmith
Janice Thomas


Thomas Graham
Joseph Crawford
Jeffrey Meddin
Michael Pennington
James Patterson
Delmar Tally
Samuel Gualardo


Timothy D. Brun
James D. Smith
Jeffrey Vincoli


Joseph B. Gillian
Richard Pollock


Jerry Ramsey
JoAnn Sullivan


Emory Knowles
Margo Maher
Steven McConnell
Robert Semonisck
Paul Specht


Thomas Cecich
R. Ronald Sokol
Keith Vidal


Brett Carruthers
Frank D’Orsi
Frank Lakotich


Judy Freeman
Darryl Hill
Jack Hirschmann, Jr.
Donald Jones
Mary Ann Latko
Michael Messner
Frederick Miller
Richard Moscato
Diana Pressmann


Richard Bourlon
Jeff Camplin
Tom Cecich
Hector Escarcega
Mark Friend
Emory Knowles
Cindy Lewis
Linda Rhodes


E. Rush Barnett
Warren K. Brown
Gary Erisman
Michael E. Neason
Richard C. Nugent
E.L. “Brownie” Petersen
Kathy A. Seabrook
John P. Spath


Joseph B. (Brian) Brown
Michael T. Coleman
Dirk Duchscherer
Paul Esposito
Ashok Garlapati
Donald Garman
James H. Morris
Terrie S. Norris
C. Christopher Patton
George W. Pearson


Doug Cook
Patricia Ennis
Joseph Feldstein
Joel Haight
Lynne Seville
Christine Sullivan
Randy Wingfield


David G. Bascom
David Natalizia
Pamela Perrich
Steve I. Simon
Jack Toellner