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Veto Bill Stripping Safety Consultants of Workers’ Comp Lawsuit Immunity, ASSE Tells Illinois Governor

Tuesday, June 03, 2014
A letter from ASSE President Kathy Seabrook on behalf of ASSE’s Illinois members urged Illinois Governor Pat Quinn to veto legislation (SB 3287 ) that would strip from independent safety consultants current immunity from lawsuits under the state’s workers’ compensation law. ASSE and its Illinois members also opposed the legislation before votes in the Illinois Senate and Assembly. The bill went to [...]

ASSE Backs Effort to Save Independent Safety Consultant Lawsuit Immunity under Illinois Workers' Comp Law

Friday, May 16, 2014
On behalf of its member independent safety consultants in Illinois, ASSE has opposed a bill ( SB 3287 ) in both the Illinois Senate and House that aims to strip unfairly their current immunity from lawsuits under the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act but continue to protect insurers and companies who provide the same safety services. ASSE opposed the bill because it would unfairly limit independent [...]

Maryland Bills to Require Contractor Safety Prequalification Backed by ASSE

Monday, February 24, 2014
ASSE, on behalf of its members in Maryland, supported bills in the Senate and House of Delegates to require the Maryland Department of Labor to develop and adopt a safety questionnaire and a safety rating system for use by the state's public sector employers determine if bidders on public sector construction projects are committed to workplace safety and health. "The importance of prequalification [...]

Florida Governor Scott Signs ASSE-Backed Texting Ban Into Law

Friday, May 31, 2013
On May 28, Florida Governor Rick Scott signed into law a bill to ban texting while driving actively supported supported by ASSE and its members in Florida . ASSE joined in a state-wide, bipartisan effort to pass the bill that was led by the FL DNT TXT+DRIVE COALITION, as the press release announcing Governor Scott's action indicates. The new law now bans anyone from typing on a device while operating [...]

Contractor Prequalification Bill Backed by ASSE in Maryland

Thursday, April 04, 2013
ASSE and its members in Maryland expressed support for a bill (HB 1486) that would require the Maryland Department of Labor to develop and adopt a safety questionnaire and a safety rating system for the state’s public sector employers to use to help ensure that bidders for public sector construction projects can demonstrate a commitment to worker safety and health. ASSE's letter to Delegate Brian K. [...]

Arizona Texting Ban Sponsor Speaks Eloquently in Defeat

Wednesday, April 03, 2013
Facing certain defeat on the Arizona Senate floor, Senator Steve Farley still spoke with eloquence and calm determination in support of an amendment that would move forward his bill ( SB1218 ) to ban texting in the state. Senator Farley's defense of the effort and the debate against it was captured YouTube . ASSE's members in Arizona fully supported Senator Farley and his bill.

ASSE Florida Members Back Legislative Effort to Ban Texting

Wednesday, April 03, 2013
Inspired by fellow ASSE members' effort to ban texting in Arizona , Florida’s ASSE members have joined in an effort to pass legislation that would ban texting in their state. Letters to Senator Detert (R-Venice) and Representative Holder (R-Sarasota) back their legislation, SB 52/HB 13 , which is seen as having a good chance of passing into law this year. ASSE also has joined the FL DNT TXT+DRIVE Coalition [...]

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