Please remember, when you are advocating for workplace safety and health on behalf of ASSE, you must go through the approval process.

Invite your members of Congress to Your Chapter Meeting

Another way that you can schedule an in-person meeting with your state of federal Congressperson is to invite them to your chapter meeting. This gives the legislator the opportunity to network with a group of safety and health experts and allows your chapter members the chance to participate in the political and government policy process.

Again, be sure that your chapter prepares talking points beforehand so everyone is prepared to guide the dialogue in the same pre-established direction.

Write a letter or email.

A quick and effective way to communicate with your federal and state representatives is letter-writing or emailing. If writing or emailing on behalf of ASSE, you must go through the approval process with ASSE’s national headquarters. Due to security issues, the fastest way to reach a legislator is often through email. When you compose your letter or email, it is always a good idea to:

  1. Identify yourself by name, employer, job title, and your membership to ASSE.
  2. Mention that you are a constituent of the state or district.
  3. State a clear a concise objective in your opening paragraph.
  4. Identify the legislation that you are writing about by name and number.
  5. Explain why the issue is important to you personally and professionally.
  6. Commend any past action that the legislator has taken to ensure the safety and health for workers in their state or district and encourage them to continue their good work.

Don’t be afraid to be creative in your letter. This is a great opportunity to enjoy your role in the political process.


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