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June 5, 2003

The Honorable James F. Clayborne, Jr.
Chair, Environment and Energy Committee
Illinois Senate
121C Capitol Building
Springfield, IL 62706

Dear Chairman Clayborne:

On behalf of the more than 1400 American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) members in Illinois, I want to express the Society's gratitude for your willingness to listen to our last-minute request to include our member safety, health and environmental professionals in the Joint Task Force on Mold in Indoor Environments established by resolution of the Illinois Legislature last week.

The assistance you and your excellent staff gave in the closing moments of the Legislature's spring session speaks volumes about both the openness of the legislative process and the responsiveness of government to the needs of Illinois citizens. As a national organization, ASSE could be located in any state and, as a Texan, I often wish that could be Texas. But this experience only confirms that Illinois is a good place for ASSE to be headquartered.

If ASSE can be of any help to you, especially as the Joint Task Force begins its work, please do not hesitate to ask. We have members who are highly skilled in mold analysis and remediation who are eager to help the Illinois Legislature find the best means both to address the issue and head off unwarranted fears of the threats posed by mold.


Mark D. Hansen, PE, CSP


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