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How to Prepare Your Chapter for Government Affairs Initiatives

1. Talk to your chapter president about appointing a Government Affairs Chair to lead government affairs initiatives for your chapter.
2. If your chapter appoints you as Government Affairs Chair, you should let Brenda Kay Zylstra, Manager of Government Affairs and Policy know so you can start receiving Government Affairs Updates and Legislative and Regulatory Activity Reports from national ASSE. Your first responsibility will be to monitor and disseminate the national Government Affairs resources provided by ASSE headquarters as a free member benefit. These resources include:

3. As GA chair, you also have the responsibility to work closely with other ASSE leaders to pursue opportunities to impact legislation or raise awareness of occupational health and safety issues. These leaders include: •Your Chapter’s officers

  • Other Chapters in your state
  • Regional Government Affairs VP’s
  • Brenda Kay Zylstra, Manager of Government Affairs and Policy at ASSE’s national headquarters. Phone: 847-768-3478, Email:

Standard Operating Procedures for Chapter Government Affairs

It is very important that chapters make sure whatever government affairs activities are undertaken are done so in cooperation with other chapters, the RVP and ASSE. This is to ensure that statements made do not conflict with ASSE policy, that chapters do not end up in conflict over issues and that the resources of ASSE’s can be made available to the chapter. The process is not difficult and can be accomplished simply by email. Below is the approval chain and the approval process, as stated in ASSE’s government affairs operating procedures. If there are any questions, contact Brenda Kay Zylstra.



ASSE’s Government Affairs Approval Process

It is preferable that all chapters in a state agree to a government affairs activity. If all chapters cannot agree, a majority of chapters will decide the direction of a proposed activity. In any case, the Regional Vice President may choose to pursue a government affairs activity in the best interests of the Society with the concurrence of a majority of chapters in the state.
Once Chapters or the Regional Vice President reach a position or comment on a government affairs activity, that position and comment shall be shared with the Manager of Government Affairs and Policy. The Committee will ensure that the position and comment is consistent with Society positions and by-laws.

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