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Many members are continuing to contact the national offices with questions on the policies and procedures of governmental affairs committees at the state, regional, and national levels.


The purpose of the Region and State Governmental Affairs Committees is to identify, evaluate, and assist in the development of legislation and regulations that affect the interests of ASSE members, the profession and its practice.


Each ASSE Chapter should appoint a Governmental Affairs Chairperson. This appointment should be made in accordance with the Chapter bylaws for appointing committee chairpersons. The chairperson may form a Governmental Affairs Committee to assist him or her, or he or she may act alone.

Regional Issues:

Each Region should form one GAC for each State in the Region. Each GAC is made up of a chairperson and the Chapter Legislative Affairs Chairpersons from the Chapters located in the particular State. The GAC Chairperson or Appointed Vice President for Governmental Affairs should be appointed in accordance with the Region's bylaws governing appointments. In Regions with many States, the Regional VP should consider appointing an Assistant Regional Vice President (ARVP) for Governmental Affairs.

Scope and Functions:

The Chapter GAC Chairperson is a member of the State GAC Committee. His or her function is to keep chapter members abreast of governmental affairs within the State. He or she should be continually aware of the general consensus of the Chapter members on each of the issues before the GAC at any one time. The Chapter Chairperson brings these consensus opinions to the State GAC for discussion.

The function of the State GAC is to stay abreast of legislation and regulations being considered for enactment within that State. The GAC may provide testimony before the legislature and governmental agencies on behalf of its members. Such representation should be clearly stipulated as to what segment of the ASSE membership the State GAC represents. A State GAC can never represent the ASSE Society as a whole unless requested to do so by appropriate society leadership.


Each State GAC Chairperson reports to the Regional Vice President and is responsible for keeping the Regional VP and the Regional Operating Committee (ROC) abreast of the State committee activities. Such reports may be made in person during ROC meetings or in writing. Whether rendered in writing or delivered in person, these reports should become a regular report on the ROC agenda. In Regions where an ARVP, Governmental Affairs, has been appointed, the State GACs report to this Assistant Vice President. The Assistant Vice President will be responsible for keeping the RVP and ROC members informed on governmental affairs in the Region.

Although the Regional Vice President should not directly influence the positions taken by State GAC, he or she is responsible to see that the positions taken by the State GAC do not in any way conflict with a position taken by the Society, nor should any position be contrary to the general interest of the Society as a whole.


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