Changing Careers - Starting Your Own Business


Are You a Career Coward? Your Guide to Changing Careers

Katy guides her readers through a series of stages to help them decide on their plans and overcome roadblocks caused by fear and hesitation. She offers exercises and support from the "discover your natural talents and best skills” stage through to the point of being ready to learn "how to succeed and progress in your new career."

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Could you be your own boss?

It's easy to start a business; it's more difficult to keep it going. When you are faced with long hours, with working through nights and weekends, with extended periods away from your family, and with seemingly-permanent financial worries, the thought of a secure permanent pensionable job is tempting.

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“A Consultant’s Life: Risk, Yes. Structure, No.”, The New York Times, October 5, 2008

You've always worked for others but now feel ready to strike out on your own as an independent consultant. Are you cut out for it?

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