Traffic Safety

Adopted October 1996 | Updated June 2006

It is the concern of the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) that efforts directed toward governmental reform and governmental budget adjustments may have adverse effects on national highway traffic safety program activities and the annual toll from traffic related crashes.

Analysis of current traffic accident data provides conclusions about appropriate traffic safety actions and accident prevention planning that should be taken to improve traffic safety. It is ASSE's position that increased efforts should be placed on the following aspects of traffic safety to achieve that goal:

  1. Initial education and training and continuous annual refresher education for high school students.
  2. Reestablish previously existing driver training and traffic safety education programs.
  3. Expand current level and quality of driver training courses.
  4. Implement a graduated licensing concept.
  5. Establish and maintain a training/education and testing program for all drivers to maintain or restrict driving privileges.
  6. Upgrade training/driver requirements for commercial motor vehicle operators.
  7. Expand traffic accident investigation procedures to include determination of fatigue or distraction by any source as a contributing cause to accidents.
  8. More extensive initial training for traffic law enforcement officers to incorporate detection of fatigue, distractions, etc.
  9. Improved street and highway design and maintenance procedures.
  10. Include safe operation of motor vehicles in general employee safety training programs.
  11. Include distracted driving as a discussion topic in training courses.

ASSE Position Statement on Traffic Safety

Approved 10/19/96 by the ASSE Board of Directors
Update 6/11/05 by ASSE Government Affairs Committee

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