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ASSE Government Affairs at the chapter and state level is intended to be a member-led activity. The national office can provide expertise, advice and whatever assistance is needed to achieve government affairs initiatives at the state and local level, but the initiative to undertake activities largely must come from members themselves.

The operating procedures of the national Government Affairs Committee (GAC) explains the organization and details the simple procedures for approval that need to be followed when an initiative is undertaken.

Generally, each ASSE Chapter should appoint a Government Affairs Chair to monitor and send on to Chapter members the legislative and regulatory information that national Government Affairs provides as a free member benefit. These are the GA Updates and State Legislative and Regulatory Activity Reports. Members value the information to help them keep current with developments that could very well affect their responsibilities as SH&E professionals.

Chapter GA Chairs also should work closely with their Chapter officers, Regional Government Affairs VPs and the Manager of Government Affairs and Policy at national ASSE to pursue opportunities to impact legislation and regulation or raise the visibility of ASSE’s members among state legislators and regulators.

If you would like to be the Government Affairs Chair for your Chapter, contact your Chapter President. If you have any questions or would like suggestions on how to become more involved, please feel free to call Brenda Kay Zylstra, Manager of Government Affairs and Policy at ASSE at 847.768.3478 or You may also want to take a look at a powerpoint presentation on how to gain influence through the political process that should give you some ideas on how to be involved in government affairs in your state.

ASSE members – on their own – have achieved positive results from changing the course of a cell phone bill in North Carolina to getting safety professionals recognized in New Jersey law. Anything is possible. But the first step is simply getting involved.

Simple Procedures

  • Chapters are expected to inform the Regional Vice President, the Regional Government Affairs Chair, the Area Director and Area Government Affairs Chair of any proposed government affairs activity as soon as practicable. The Regional Vice President will inform the Vice President, Council on Professional Affairs, and Manager of Government Affairs and Policy of such proposed activity.
  • It is preferable that all chapters in a state agree to a government affairs activity. If all chapters cannot agree, a majority of chapters will decide the direction of a proposed activity. In any case, the Regional Vice President may choose to pursue a government affairs activity in the best interests of the Society with the concurrence of a majority of chapters in the state.
  • Once Chapters or the Regional Vice President reach a position or comment on a government affairs activity, that position and comment shall be shared with the Manager of Government Affairs and Policy. The Committee will ensure that the position and comment is consistent with Society positions and by-laws.

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