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Getting Your SH&E Program ABET Accredited

If your school is ready to seek initial program evaluation, you will need to take the following steps:

  1. Complete a Request for Evaluation form. You will also need to include one graduate’s official original transcript from the most recent graduating class by January 31 of the year that you want your program to be evaluated. The Request for Evaluation form requires you to provide basic information about your SH&E program.
  2. Prepare a self study report, which should follow the self study questionnaire format.  The self study requires you to report information about your program’s admission standards, enrollment trends, learning objectives for program outcomes, curriculum, facilities, faculty, and more. A copy of the report should be sent to ABET by July 2 after the Request for Evaluation has been submitted. You will also have to prepare copies of the report for the evaluation team members.

Once these steps are complete, ABET will assign a team chair for the evaluation visit, your school will pay for the accreditation services, you will negotiate the visit dates with ABET, and you will receive the names of the individuals assigned to be on the program evaluation team.

When your evaluation date arrives, the team will conduct a campus visit, usually on a Monday or Tuesday, which will end with an interview of your institution’s CEO, dean, and any other relevant college/university officials.

For more information about the evaluation process, check ABET’s Information for Program’s Seeking Initial Accreditation pamphlet.