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About the ASSE Networking Partners Program

imageASSE’s Networking Partners Program allows ASSE members who are currently seeking employment to connect with a fellow member who will help them start-up or recharge their job search. Once a job seeker signs up for the program, they will be connected with a networking partner in their state that will provide guidance and support including:

  • Reviewing their job seeker’s resume and providing constructive feedback
  • Providing opportunities for their job seeker to network by making calls to appropriate colleagues
  • Facilitating informational meetings
  • Taking their job seeker to events that will allow them to network


Sign Up to be an ASSE Networking Partner

Make a personal commitment to help our fellow safety, health and environmental professionals who are out of work during these harsh economic times. Many ASSE members have been affected by the recession. Some have just recently lost their jobs while others have been unemployed for over a year. Anyone can imagine the emotional and financial toll that unemployment can have on an individual and their family. By signing up to be a networking partner, you will give a fellow ASSE member a unique opportunity to expand the scope of their job search and maybe even offer someone hope during a difficult time.  As a networking partner, you would be asked to:

  • Communicate with your job seeker on a regular basis via phone, email, and in-person meetings (if logistically possible)
  • Review your job seeker’s resume and provide constructive feedback
  • Provide opportunities for your job seeker to network by making calls to appropriate colleagues
  • Facilitate informational meetings
  • Take your job seeker to events that will allow them to network

As a networking partner, you will occasionally receive an invitation to “accept” a job seeker who will be someone from your state. You can choose to “accept” or “decline” the invitation. How many job seekers you choose to accept is entirely up to you! It’s easy! Sign up today!

Sign Up as a Job Seeker

Have you recently lost your job or been unemployed for several months? We can help! Sign up for ASSE’s Networking Partners Program and be paired with a fellow ASSE member from your state that will help you update your resume, fine-tune your interviewing skills, network with fellow safety professionals working for companies in your state and more!


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