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Title: New Challenges and Opportunities for Occupational Safety and Health in a Globalized World (2001)
Publisher: ILO – SafeWork
Summary: Globalization of the economy has intensified over the recent years and, together with the development of the new information and telecommunications technology, it is bringing about radical changes in society, comparable to those produced during the industrial revolution. Occupational safety and health cannot ignore those changes. And, in this context, the greatest challenge for the countries is the transformation of the difficulties involved in adapting to the new situation into opportunities for the future development of occupational safety and health.

Resource: ILO

Title: Corporate Social Responsibility: An International Perspective (2010), Session 680

Author: Norm Keith, BA, LLB, CRSP
Summary: This paper will consider the varying definitions which have been have been advanced for CSR, and canvass the varying interests that it has been used to promote. It considers the efforts that varying governments and international actors have taken to encourage CSR, and identifies trends which may be expected to play an increasing role in the CSR movement internationally.

Title: Corporate Social Responsibility: The Emerging Role of the SH&E Professional, Session 651

Author: James Boretti, CSP; Fay Feeney, CSP, ARM; Mark Hansen, CSP, PE, CPE, CPEA; Kathy Seabrook, CSP, CMIOSH (UK); Michael W. Thompson, CSP
Summary: How to help your company develop a sustainability plan with a pathway to safety.