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Safety 2010 Papers

Title: Corporate Social Responsibility: An International Perspective (2010), Session 680

Author: Norm Keith, BA, LLB, CRSP
Summary: This paper will consider the varying definitions which have been have been advanced for CSR, and canvass the varying interests that it has been used to promote. It considers the efforts that varying governments and international actors have taken to encourage CSR, and identifies trends which may be expected to play an increasing role in the CSR movement internationally.

Title: The Implementation of Business-Decision Making Tools in Incident Rate Prediction, Session 750

Author: Samuel A. Oyewole, Ph.D.
Summary: This paper provides an overview of the application of forecasting technique in the prediction of incident rates from a business-oriented perspective. This research shows that traditional business and financial management tools could be used by occupational health and safety professionals in the quest for making realistic advance predictions of incident rates.

Title: Z10 Management Leadership Employee Participation, Session 763

Author: Mark A. Friend, Ed.D., CSP
Summary: This paper lays out a step-by-step process to utilize “recognized management principles” to implement Z10 recognizing that different employees respond to the same stimuli in different ways.

Title: Safety from an Executive’s Point of View: Turning Complaints into Efficiencies, Session 785

Author: Todd Britten, MS, CSP
Summary: This paper presents the approach, techniques and tools that were used to answer questions such as how do we get past basic levels of safety thinking and how do we turn complaints into goal and efficiencies?

Title: The New Frontier: Integrating EHS into the Business, Session 501

Author: Katharine A. Hart, EdD, CSP
Summary: The purpose of this paper is to identify the four levels of progress a company makes in its EHS excellence journey, starting from non compliance through to integration, and then focusing on why the traditional notion of an EHS management system is not sustainable over time without integration occurring in a continuing journey of excellence.

Title: Sustainability: The Engine that Drives Corporate Social Responsibility, Session 511

Author: William H. Barbarow
Summary: The SH&E professional will take a risk management role as companies increase their commitment to environmentally friendly business practices.

Title: 2010 Global Safety and Health Briefing, Session 534

Author: Kathy Seabrook, CSP, CMIOSH (UK)
Summary: A description of key issues that are facing global workplace safety and health.

Title: Safety is Free Because Culture is the Key, Session 563

Author: Donald J. Eckenfelder, CEO
Summary: An overview of how the one safety professional successfully implemented a safety culture program and what it took to get the job done.

Title: Successfully Aligning and Integrating Safety Within the Business, Session 601

Author: Cathy A. Hansell, CSSR, MS, JD
Summary: The safety function is most successful when it is considered and treated as a business partner. A partnership requires integration and alignment of safety considerations with business processes, goals and decisions.

Title: No More Smoke and Mirrors: Calculating Your Real ROI, Session 625

Author: Erike Young, MPPA, CSP, ARM and Jill Blackwelder-Parker
Summary: Learning the language of business and risk management to equip safety professionals to make the case for safety to upper management.

Title: Business Transaction Due Diligence for Safety Professionals, Session 627

Author: John Baker, MS, CIH
Summary: As a safety professional, you may be asked to assist in the due diligence acquisition of another company by your executive officers. You must shift from a compliance-based approach to safety to viewing the enterprise as a whole, and assessing threats to the viability of the deal or even to the business that survives the transaction. How do you do this?

Title: Corporate Social Responsibility: The Emerging Role of the SH&E Professional, Session 651

Author: James Boretti, CSP; Fay Feeney, CSP, ARM; Mark Hansen, CSP, PE, CPE, CPEA; Kathy Seabrook, CSP, CMIOSH (UK); Michael W. Thompson, CSP
Summary: How to help your company develop a sustainability plan with a pathway to safety.