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Professional Issues Peer Reviewed

Model Curriculum for OSH: Key to Becoming a Profession

By Jim Ramsay and Wayne Hartz

Some professions mature from occupations into established professions. Several well-accepted characteristics define professions, including education standards and occupational closure. This article describes how a model curriculum was created and, from that, how a new set of standards was developed for the OSH discipline. The authors also explain that a road map might be constructed for professionalization of OSH that includes occupational closure.

Hearing Protection Peer Reviewed
Lawn Tractor Noise Reduction: Results of a Noise Dosimetry Study

By Daniel P. Mahoney, Brian D. Mahoney and Jerome Spear

Noise exposure while operating suburban lawn tractors ranges from 86.5 to 96.4 dBA. Manufacturers can implement feasible engineering controls to reduce noise levels, and manufacturers and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission can enhance their communication about the noise hazards associated with lawn tractors. Until engineering controls are implemented, lawn tractor users should wear EPA-rated hearing protection while mowing.

Construction Safety Peer-Reviewed
Fall Protection: Overcoming Misconceptions in Residential Construction

By Jeremy Bethancourt

Many in the residential and light commercial construction industry consider fall protection infeasible, impractical and overly burdensome. By experimenting with equipment and procedures that meet ANSI and OSHA standards, it has been demonstrated that fall protection is feasible even where roof heights are as low as 8 ft. This article offers guidance to help employers identify fall protection strategies that will increase worker sustainability and reduce injury burdens.

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