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Member Spotlight

Bryan Lyons

YP: Were safety and health part of your work responsibilities since the beginning of your career? 

Bryan: While in college, I experienced health and safety participating in a university-affiliated safety committee as the student advisor. While on the committee, I attended training sessions and performed facility safety inspections. The main foundation of my career started with an internship where the safety manager had a larger-than-life passion for helping his employees, and it has been a goal of mine to reflect the same image as I grow professionally.

YP: What field of study did you start in as a student, and if it was not in SH&E initially, what made you change career paths?

Bryan: I originally studied chemical and biological sciences before making the transition into the occupational safety program at Millersville University. The transfer into safety mainly took place because I have always had a passion for helping people, and I knew that a career in safety and health would lead me to improve the quality of life for many different people in the workplace.

YP: Were any previous jobs critical in bringing you to your current position?

Bryan: My first job out of college, which was in the metals industry, helped to lay a solid foundation for working within a safety system in a heavy manufacturing environment. I learned quickly the importance of building strong employee relationships and hazard identification. These key tools will stay with me throughout the rest of my career.

YP: What are some of your most valuable and memorable accomplishments, either personal or professional?

Bryan: I held a calendar contest for the children of the employees at my first job. It was a proud moment for me to see the pictures drawn by the children of their dad or mom at work and why they wanted them to stay safe. It really helped put the job into perspective as to why I worked to make sure employees go home the same way they came in, unhurt and safe.

YP: As a safety and health professional, does anything set you apart from others in your approach and/or philosophy to safety and health management? 

Bryan: I believe that all professionals in this field have unique approaches to interacting with and caring for employees. Personally, I believe in building a relationship with employees first to try to give them an understanding as to why I want to help them go home unhurt every day. I feel that once you build a solid base with the employees, they will be more willing to help with any safety initiatives you may be working on. The last thing that I always try to do with all employees is provide feedback to them on any questions or suggestions they may make. Keeping an open line of communication is important in safety and health.

YP: What are the greatest challenges you find in your current position? 

Bryan: My current position is brand new to me, so the first challenge will be learning all of the employee’s names and developing an understanding of how their safety system works at the company.

YP: Throughout the rest of your career, what plans do you have to develop yourself professionally?

Bryan: In the near future, I will test for my CLCS and once I have gained enough experience, I will test for my CSP. I also hope to attend graduate school in the future to study the safety sciences at a higher level.

YP: How did you initially hear of and join ASSE?

Bryan: I initially joined ASSE through my student chapter at Millersville University.

YP: Are you affiliated with any other organizations related to SH&E?

Bryan: I am involved with ASSE’s YP and Philadelphia Chapter.

YP: What special hobbies or interests do you have outside of work? 

Bryan: My main interest outside of work is spending time with family and friends. Also, I try to play golf whenever I can.


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