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Our vision is to provide a forum for young professionals entering the safety, health and environmental (SH&E) profession. We would like to leverage membership benefits while ensuring retention during this critical time period.

Our target audience includes graduating college and university seniors and those with up to seven years of SH&E experience. Experience begins with the first full-time employment as an SH&E professional. This requirement also applies to those entering the field mid-career.


Our mission is to enhance the Society by identifying, developing and connecting young leaders who possess a passion to expand their knowledge and to promote the SH&E profession. This will be accomplished through:

  • Developing programs that encourage individual members’ personal and professional growth
  • Encouraging our members to achieve balance in their lives as they work to strengthen their careers
  • Sharing our experiences, learning from each other and uniting our members through active Society involvement


  • To create a welcoming environment for recent graduates and those individuals who have just begun a career in the SH&E profession
  • To develop a mentorship program that allows young professionals to be guided by more seasoned Society members
  • To provide an outlet for our members to network and share ideas among other professionals within the Society
  • To develop a triannual electronic newsletter that offers insight on career development, leadership, time management, financial stability and current issues within the SH&E profession
  • To ensure that the Society’s annual Professional Development Conference provides educational opportunities that engage young professionals
  • To encourage Society involvement through leadership opportunities
  • To engage young professionals to achieve professional certifications
  • To create a virtual forum, in addition to face-to-face meetings, through products our members can download
  • To develop an ASSE intranet site for young professionals that contains valuable information relevant to their needs

Thank you for your interest in learning more about the Young Professionals in Safety, Health & Environment (SH&E) Common Interest Group (YP). YP has been established to create a forum for young professionals who are entering the SH&E profession and for those individuals who are entering the field mid-career.

Are you an outgoing, motivated young professional seeking ways to get more involved in the Society? If this sounds like you, please contact one of our executive committee members to learn more about volunteer opportunities within YP.


To join Young Professionals in SH&E, contact ASSE Customer Service at (847)699-2929.


Selena Schmidt, CSP

Vice Chair
Tom Loughman

Executive Secretary

Membership Chair
Ben Trabucco

Publication Coordinator
Cameron Clark

Conferences & Seminars


If you would like to search for mentors or mentorees or create a mentoring posting, visit the Members Only section of ASSE’s website.