The Utilities Practice Specialty (UPS) addresses issues within electrical, solar and wind generation, natural gas transmission and distribution, water/wastewater, telecommunications, public works and other utility areas. Through this group, members are given access to technical information specific to safety professionals in the utilities industry and defined networking opportunities.


If you missed the call on November 30th, with the special topics on: Power Utility Ergonomics: Causes, Cases, and Solutions, you can watch the here and view the slides, the lists of links and the handout Scott mentioned in the webinar. 

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Sample Article

Preventing UPS/Battery Room Explosions
The threat of a battery room explosion is a real hazard. The aftermath of such an explosion can be devastating.


Volunteer Advisory Committee
Administrator: Connie Muncy
Assistant Administrator: Michael Carter
Content Coordinator: Jenniffer Zillmer
Content Assistant Coordinator: OPEN
Secretary: Deb Fisher
Membership Chair: Berj Bush
Membership Assistant Chair: Jessica Richardson
Awards & Honors Chair: Jeremy Presnal
Awards & Honors Assistant Chair: Ryan Martin
Professional Development Chair: Russ Wong & Ellie Glanville
Body of Knowledge Chair: Don Lehman
Website/Social Media Chair: Berj Bush
Website/Social Media Assistant Chair: Russ Wong
Governmental Affairs Chair: Bill Paolello
Standards Chair: Bill Paolello
Water/Wastewater Committee Chair: Kanwer Khan
Water/Wastewater Committee Assistant Chair: Sunny Bradford
Electrical Generation, Transmission, and Distribution Committee Chair: Rene Kalkman
Electrical Generation, Transmission, and Distribution Committee Assistant Chair: Jordan Davidson
Technical Question Coordinator: Jeremy Presnal

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