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Earlier this year SH&E professionals indicated that one of their current greatest challenges addresses the issue of multi-language worksites and how the profession needs to be more proactive in this area. For example, the Spanish-speaking workforce in the U.S. unfortunately suffers some of the highest injury and fatality rates in the nation. The many factors associated with this issue are currently being studied and researched in order to prevent accidents and loss of productivity. The issues will have significant impact either directly or indirectly on virtually all SH&E professionals sometime in their careers.

"How to Empower and Communicate with your Spanish Speaking Workforce" will address the challenges of working with a non-English speaking workforce. Specifically, we will cover issues associated with the Spanish speaking workforce due to member feedback on this issue. Please note that many of the issues that we will be reviewing for the Spanish-speaking workforce may also apply to other multi-lingual workforces.

How Would You Answer These Questions?

  • Do you find that your Spanish-speaking workforce is hard working and willing to get the job done at any expense? Sometimes a very costly expense.

  • Are you clearly communicating with your Spanish-speaking employees, or are there some communication and cultural barriers?

  • Are you finding that many times your Spanish-speaking employees say YES when they really mean NO?

  • Are you finding that many times your Latino workforce takes unacceptable risks which result in serious accidents, even after being trained?

  • Are you finding it a challenge to EFFECTIVELY train your Spanish-speaking workforce?

  • Are finding that many times your Spanish-speaking employees hesitate to report hazards, accidents and injuries?

  • Do you find yourself frustrated due to the communication gap and cultural barriers with this hardworking ethnic group and would you like some tips and communication strategies?

If You Answered YES to anyone or more of these questions, then you can benefit from this one-of-a-kind, technical audio conference call.

If you work directly or indirectly with Spanish-speaking employees and would like to know how to address these issues mentioned above and other important information about this growing ethnic group then this technical audio conference call is for you.

This special program is only $75 for members, and features:

  1. Several articles about the multi-language workplace.

  2. A 90 minute conference call presentation being given by Hector Escarcega (nationally respected as an SH&E professional with significant multi-language worksite experience.) For more information about Hector and his firm, Bilingual Solutions International, you can view his bio at:

  3. The emphasis of the call will be on the challenges, concerns, best practices, cultural issues, and member insights about Spanish-speaking employees and multi-language worksites.

  4. A powerpoint presentation.

  5. The ability to submit your questions via e-mail to the speakers and moderator.

  6. Following the call you will receive a CD recording of the call.

December 14, 2005
11:00 am - 12:30 pm CST

If you would like to participate: Contact our Customer Service Department at 847.699.2929.

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To address the issues affecting the Latino workforce, SPALW is working collaboratively with OSHA to develop new training materials and to translate into Spanish and/or review already-translated materials for accuracy. The training products are listed below: