The Public Sector Practice Specialty (PSPS) fosters information sharing, learning, networking and communication among professionals working for governmental agencies and facilities at federal, state, county, municipal and institutional levels in urban, suburban and rural communities. Through this group, members are given access to technical information specific to public sector safety professionals to allow them to upgrade their skills and attain the knowledge necessary to successfully perform their scope of responsibilities (i.e., emergency preparedness, disaster planning and recovery, campus/school safety, public health, pedestrian safety, water safety and health, road safety, park and recreation safety, storm and weather preparedness and response, public sector workers’ compensation, etc.).


On Wednesday, May 30, 2018 at 11 am there will be a webinar presented by Corey Bender titled, “ Impulse Noise from Weapons Fire”.The webinar will discuss how to pick the right HPD for the range, how to educate the exposed population, and the recommendation of annual hearing test for police.

There will be a Joint Public Sector Public Sector and Military Branch in-person advisory committee meeting scheduled at the Safety 2018 conference!It will be held in Room 1 on Wednesday, June 6, 2018 at 10:30 am.It will be an opportunity to meet people on the advisory committee and put faces to names!If you are attending the Safety 2018 Conference, make sure to add it to your agenda.

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Sample Article

Empower Your Change Drivers – Strategies for Engaging Employees in Safety Culture Improvement
Empowering front-line workers—those who stand to benefit the most from an effective safety process—has been talked about much over the last decade, yet many organizations that start the journey seem to stop abruptly. Regardless of the reason for derailment, a failed attempt can have a lasting negative impact on safety culture.


Volunteer Advisory Committee
Administrator: Lori Schroth
Assistant Administrator: Brandon Hody
Content Coordinator: Elliot Laratonda
Content Coordinator Alternate: Carmen-Julia Castellon
Website Coordinator: Becky Bernat
Executive Secretary: Corey Bender
Membership Development Chair: Leo DeBobes
Awards & Honors Chair:Howard Spencer
Professional Development Chair: Kelly Bernish
Body of Knowledge Chair: Joann Robertson
Social Media Chair: Delaney Jones
Technical Question Coordinator: Chris Chaffin, Ed Jerome
Nominations & Elections Chair: Heather Campbell
Government Affairs & Standards Chair:Sean Hannifin

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Safety Matters

Students just beginning their career in OSH will become the leaders of tomorrow, and experienced professionals are constantly striving to expand their skills and knowledge. We support all safety professionals on their path of improvement through Professional Education Grants, the Future Safety Leaders Conference, and Next Generation Board. Donate to the Safety Matters fund to continue these efforts.

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