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What is the Industrial Hygiene Practice Specialty?

The industrial hygiene profession covers thousands of topics from asbestos to mold to exposure monitoring. The industrial hygiene profession is continually expanding, and it overlaps with safety, health and environmental (SH&E) and other professions. Many of you may be industrial hygienists and have seen your job expand to include SH&E, or just as likely, your position in SH&E may have expanded to include industrial hygiene. Whatever your path, a strong knowledge of industrial hygiene practices will make you a better leader and practitioner as well as a more marketable professional.

One of our goals as a practice specialty is to identify, develop and disseminate technical information or a Body of Knowledge to our members and to the SH&E community. The Body of Knowledge also assists those who wish to become SH&E professionals. The Industrial Hygiene Practice Specialty (IHPS) is your resource for technical information on current industrial hygiene topics.

If you are a Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) or a Certified Safety Professional (CSP) and are looking for a way to secure maintenance points, IHPS can help you. There are many opportunities for you to share your knowledge with our members through The Monitor, and you can even speak at ASSE’s annual Professional Development Conference (PDC) or at regional or local PDC. All of these activities help you to maintain your certification.

If you are interested in other topics such as mold, chemicals or government affairs, IHPS has a committee you can join, and we can help you find other IHPS members who share your interest. You can stay abreast of technology and science and also be a part of the process.

The MonitorIHPS publishes a tri-annual newsletter, which includes timely articles on industrial hygiene topics that affect SH&E professionals. Contact the Newsletter Editor to find out how you can submit your articles to The Monitor.

IHPS Website—The IHPS website contains links to SH&E resources that cover industrial hygiene as well as environmental topics. Our intent is to provide you with the latest information. Visit our website to learn about IHPS committee and member activities, PDC events and much more. To submit information, contact the Administrator.

IHPS Advisory Committee —The IHPS Advisory Committee is a group of dedicated professionals who give direction to the IHPS. They confer quarterly to discuss goal setting, assign responsibilities and approve actions to be taken. Current projects include newsletter content development, website expansion, technical topic support and meeting members’ needs.

The IHPS Strategic Plan has been revised and is available to members on our website. The strategic plan addresses the formation of a student mentoring program, the creation of a regulatory/legislative committee and other initiatives. Members who would like to participate in these projects should contact the Administrator .

Technical Committees—The industrial hygiene profession covers thousands of topics. To better serve its members, IHPS is developing several technical committees. Each technical committee has a chairperson and several members with experience in a given industrial hygiene field. The technical committees contribute newsletter articles, PDC presentations, website updates and special projects. Members are encouraged to join a technical committee and to gain experience by working with other seasoned industrial hygiene professionals. If you would like to join a technical committee, please contact the Administrator .

This is a brief explanation of how IHPS provides value to its membership. There are also ways in which you can benefit by helping us. Your participation in projects, committees and events will not only help us reach our goals, but provide you with invaluable experience and contacts as you grow with the SH&E profession. Let us know how we can assist you.

Key Contacts in the Industrial Hygiene Practice Specialty

Administrator: Pamela Perrich

Assistant Administrator: Maritza Adams

Newsletter Editor: Victor D'Amato

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