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The Human Resources (HR) Branch specializes in the dual management responsibilities common to both safety, health and environment (SH&E) and HR professionals. It is common for HR professionals to have SH&E responsibilities, and in many companies, SH&E professionals have HR responsibilities or are part of their company’s HR organization. SH&E professionals who run their own company also address HR subjects. The HR and SH&E fields have many complex standards, regulations and best practices that are of great importance to an employer’s overall success and risk management. The HR Branch provides HR and SH&E professionals with an opportunity to network and exchange knowledge, expertise and resources.

The HR Branch is sponsored by the Management Practice Specialty (MPS) and FREE to all MPS members by request.

Please join us on our Open Conference Call

Thursday, May 22
11:30am EDT/10:30am CDT/9:30am MDT/8:30am PDT Time

Members dial-in numbers from your own country
Calling from USA: +1-424-203-8405
Calling from Canada: +1-661-673-8605 (US phone number)
Participant: 995085#

Agenda for the 1-hour Call


Member Benefits

  • Network with top HR professionals via LinkedIn, Facebook, conference calls and annual face-to-face meetings.
  • Triannual electronic technical publications via email.
  • Safety Management Training for HR Professionals
  • Access to 150+ interviews with top industry professionals.
  • Publication opportunities.
  • Advisory committee guidance and advice.
  • Volunteer and leadership opportunities.
  • Discounts on group-sponsored webinars.
  • Group sponsorship on conference speaking proposals.
  • Mentoring services.

Get Involved

Volunteer Advisory Committee

Chair: Maureen Johnson
Vice Chair: Mario Varela
Executive Secretary: Stan Geist
Publication Coordinator:  OPEN
Membership Development: OPEN
Conferences & Seminars: OPEN
Awards & Honors: Michelle Brady
Body of Knowledge Chair: OPEN
Website Development: Tracy Linhart

HR Branch Information

HR Branch Basics (pdf)

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