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The Construction Practice Specialty (CPS) focuses on all aspects of construction safety and is intended to provide industry-specific information and focused networking opportunities to ASSE members. Some popular topics include jobsite safety, LEED, crane safety, communicating to a diverse workforce and contractor relations.  

CPS began as the Construction Division in the late 1970s with George Hailey, PM, CSP, of W.S. Bellows Construction Co. as Administrator. In October 1978, the Construction Division established its objectives as “opening up lines of communication between Construction and Professionals of a highly mobile, worldwide industry” and published its first newsletter on December 15, 1978. During ASSE’s Safety 2000 conference in Orlando, FL, the Society’s House of Delegates approved a motion to change the name of all divisions to practice specialties.

Today CPS is the largest of ASSE’s practice specialties. It continues to publish its newsletter, now named Blueprints, triannually and assists with the publication of Construction Safety Management & Engineering, which is edited by Darryl C. Hill, Ph.D., CSP, a past CPS Administrator and the 2010-2011 Society President.

CPS sponsors construction-related concurrent sessions as well as a Construction Safety Forum at ASSE’s annual Professional Development Conference.

Please join ASSE’s Construction Practice Specialty on an Open Conference Call.


Wednesday, October 1, 2014
1pm EST; 12pm CST; 11am MST; 10am PST
Duration: 60 minutes

Main Attendee Dial-in (speak and listen): 
712-432-1000 (passcode: 570868990#)
Secondary Dial-in (listen only):
712-432-1001 (passcode: 411553939#)

Find out what’s going on with your Practice Specialty. We’re very excited to have a guest speaker from our sponsor, ClickSafety, joining us to share some insights on a very important topic.


ANSI Z490.1- Fundamentals for Successful EH&S Training

Paul J. Colangelo, STS, CHST, CET- National Director of Compliance Programs, ClickSafety

Are your EH&S orientation and training programs working effectively? Are they making a measurable difference with your worker behavior and productivity and your overall safety culture? Have you heard of the ANSI Z490.1- Criteria for Accepted Practices in Safety, Health and Environmental Training? There are a wide variety of components that must be considered whenever structuring EH&S training for your company. The ANSI Z490.1 is a very useful and informative document that can guide you through that process.

By the end of this program you will be able to:

  • Identify fundamentals for structuring effective EH&S training programs, and how to measure that effectiveness
  • Identify the principles of adult learning, and how they apply to different training mediums.
  • Evaluate and educate those who are responsible for training within your organization
  • Articulate the benefits of Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and the Certified Environmental Health and Safety Trainer (CET) certification

Get Involved

Member Benefits

  • Network with top construction professionals via LinkedIn, Facebook, conference calls and annual face-to-face meetings.
  • Triannual electronic technical publications via email.
  • Access to 150+ interviews with top industry professionals.
  • Publication opportunities.
  • Advisory committee guidance and advice.
  • Volunteer and leadership opportunities.
  • Discounts on group-sponsored webinars.
  • Group sponsorship on conference speaking proposals.
  • Mentoring services.

Volunteer Advisory Committee

Administrator: Eric Voight
Assistant Administrator: Rick Zellen
Executive Secretary: Mac Legault
Publication Coordinator: John Urban
Membership Development: Carl Heinlein
Awards & Honors: Todd Hohn
Body of Knowledge Coordinator: Cynthia Garcia
Website & Social Media: Tristan Aldeguer
Conferences & Seminars: Barry Conaway
Nominations: Ron Sokol
Government Affairs: Daniel DeCoopman
Wordless Safety Manual Project Chair: Ron Sokol
LEED Project Chair: Kevin Turner
Special Projects: Gary Singleton


LEED Project

Looking for members to try out safety-enhanced LEED pilot credits.

  • Who:  Ideally looking for individuals in commercial building construction (vs. residential, road or industrial construction), new construction or major renovations, and projects planning to use USGBC LEED for new construction.
  • What:  Participants will try out draft pilot credits on actual construction projects and provide written feedback on how well they worked and suggestions for any needed improvements.
  • Why:  This opportunity provides participants with experience with LEED, experience being involved with upfront design and planning via PtD (Prevention through Design), safer jobs, networking with researchers and other professionals.
  • How: If interested, contact Char.
  • LEED Project Presentation - 9.1.11


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