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Construction Safety Checklist for Safety Professionals at Fixed Plants

Submitted by David Crowley, CSP, CET, CHMM

Let me guess, you are a safety professional that works at a fixed facility, right?  Whether you work at a food processing plant like me, or if you work in manufacturing – chances are that you need all the tools you need to stay on top of safety.  You are not alone.  Often times, we have contractors working at our plants performing tasks that stray from the standard operations and maintenance activities for our facility personnel.  I work for a dairy processing company that has a total of 8 processing plants.  Managing safety for a large a food manufacturer is a busy assignment for any safety professional, especially when there is a project or expansion at one of the plants. 

I have found success in managing contractor safety when there is alignment with the contractor up front at the beginning of the project.  Additionally, our company is set up for success when all of our employees are keeping a watchful eye on safety whenever construction efforts are taking place.  Understanding this, I have recently created a construction safety checklist for use in my company.  The checklist has been presented to each plant safety representative as well as the plant manager and anyone who serves as a project manager or hiring manager for a contractor. 

The checklist follows a simple scoring method where “A” represents “acceptable” and a “U” means “unacceptable”.  Of course, it goes without saying, training on this checklist and its meaning is vital.  Individuals that use this checklist have been trained in each area to recognize when circumstances are viewed as acceptable or unacceptable.  It addresses the majority of subjects covered in the OSHA outreach course for construction as well as a few customized items according to our company safety program. 

The checklist is provided to all contractors before work begins as part of an orientation on our safety expectations.  Likewise, this same checklist is provided to our in-house project manager, which can range from someone from the engineering staff, to the plant manager or a department manager.  Either way, the checklist is used to monitor safety compliance with contractors that we hire.  By placing the checklist in this newsletter, it is offered as a sharing tool to other ASSE members that are interested in using it to help strengthen construction safety matters at your location.

David Crowley is Corporate EHS Director for HP Hood LLC in Chelsea MA.  He has 19 years experience in the EHS arena and holds credentials as a CSP, CET and a CHMM.  He is a n active member of ASSE and serves as the current Chapter President of ASSE's Greater Boston Chapter .  If you would like an electronic copy of his construction safety checklist, he can be reached at d_crowley@hphood.com .

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