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The Academics Practice Specialty (APS) stemmed from the Association of Occupational Safety and Health Educators, which was formed in 1997. Initial APS members included university professors with academic programs in occupational or environmental health and safety, but today APS includes both educators and students.

APS published its first issue of The Educator in Fall 2001 and now publishes The Educator once per year and the peer-reviewed Journal of SH&E Research twice per year. APS also sponsors sessions and an Academic Forum at ASSE's annual Professional Development Conference.

APS promotes the advancement of safety, health and environmental (SH&E) education, fosters the well-being of its members and their academic programs and mentors students within their academic specialties. APS also strives to influence educational strategies and research, accreditation and professional certification as well as national and international academic research.

Ongoing goals for APS include:

  • Development of SH&E core curriculum and graduate programs
  • Increasing the number of internships for students enrolled in SH&E academic programs
  • Involving students in the SH&E profession early in their academic careers through ASSE Student Sections, mentoring programs, conferences and seminars

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Member Benefits

  • Network with top academicians and safety professionals via LinkedIn, Facebook, conference calls and annual face-to-face meetings.
  • Triannual electronic technical publications via email.
  • Access to 150+ interviews with top industry professionals.
  • Publication opportunities.
  • Advisory committee guidance and advice.
  • Volunteer and leadership opportunities.
  • Discounts on group-sponsored webinars.
  • Group sponsorship on conference speaking proposals.
  • Mentoring services.

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