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Patient Safety, Second Edition

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Patient safety is the foundation of good patient care. Both for patients and staff, safety is the emotional heart of health care. The clinician or organization that keeps safety in the forefront in the midst of many, often competing, priorities, such as effectiveness, access to care, timeliness and cost achieves provides the kind of care we all would like to receive.

Unfortunately, there is compelling evidence that errors are common and patients are frequently harmed. Such harm is made up of hundreds of thousands of individual tragedies worldwide each year. It is hard to comprehend such harm; not only are these incidents serious or deadly for patients but also a massive drain on scarce healthcare resources.

Why purchase Patient Safety? Because it is an important topic and there is no straightforward book on the subject. There are other books, articles reports and websites devoted to the aspects of the topic, but none devoted to an explanation of the basic principles in the field. Also, much of the literature on this topic is scattered, diverse and multidisciplinary. It is also largely theoretical. Patient Safety provides a practical approach to show how patient safety can be improved by changing practices, both cultural and technological, throughout whole organizations. Not only does this benefit patients; it also impacts positively on health care delivery, with consequent savings in the economy.

Topics include:

  • Integrating safety and quality
  • Measuring safety
  • Understanding how things go wrong
  • Caring for patients harmed by treatment
  • Supporting staff after serious accidents
  • Using information technology to reduce error
  • Patient involvement in patient safety
  • Safety skills
  • High performing healthcare systems

Patient Safety has been praised as a gateway to understanding the subject. This second edition is more than that – it is a revelation of the pervading influence of health care errors, and a guide to how these can be overcome.

"... The beauty of this book is that it describes the complexity of patient safety in a simple coherent way and captures the breadth of issues that encompass this fascinating field. The author provides numerous ways in which the reader can take this subject further with links to the international world of patient safety and evidence based research... One of the most difficult aspects of patient safety is that of implementation of safer practices and sustained change. Charles Vincent, through this book, provides all who read it clear examples to help with these challenges" From a review in Hospital Medicine by Dr. Suzette Woodward, Director of Patient Safety, National Patient Safety Agency, London, UK.

Charles Vincent is Professor of Clinical Safety Research, Imperial College, London. He is also the Director of the National Institute for Health Research Centre for Patient Safety and Service Quality, Imperial College Healthcare Trust.

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