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Listing of 10 Donated ASSE/NAOSH Billboards Up Through May 9
Des Plaines, IL (April 28, 2009) —

ASSE/NAOSH Billboard Locations—will be up through May 9, 2009.

Lamar Outdoor Advertising donated and placed in the home towns of ASSE kids’ “safety-on-the-job” poster contest winners 10 billboards in support of the annual ASSE North American Occupational Safety and Health (NAOSH) Week. They are located countrywide. The locations are noted below next to the poster contestant and a photo of the billboard. We thank Lamar Outdoor Advertising for helping support the profession, NAOSH Week and the annual “Safety-on-the-Job” poster contest. If you can, please pass this information along to the members:

1. Abigail Helser, 8, Portage, WI, first place winner in the 7-8 age group. Abigail’s billboard is in Portage, WI, on Highway 51 near Mullet Street.

2. Amanda Carr, 13, Greenwich, NY, first place winner in the 13-14 age group. Amanda’s billboard is located at Rt. 40 near Route 29 in Greenwich, NY.

3. Carley Jarman, 8, San Antonio, TX, third place winner in the 7-8 age group. Carley’s electronic billboard is in San Antonio, TX, on the W/S I-10 at Crossroads Road.

4. Caylin M. Wigger, 6, Chandler, IN, first place in the 5-6 age group. Caylin’s billboard is located in Evansville, IN, Green River Road at Temple.

5. Hayley Lemens, 12, Pendleton, OR, first place winner in the 11-12 age group. Hayley’s billboard is located at S.W. Frazier and 12th Street W in Pendleton.

6. Ivy Barker, 10, Warm Springs, VA, second place winner in the 9-10 age group. Ivy’s billboard is in Covington, VA, near her father’s workplace on N. Court Ave. and R.R. Bridge.

7. Laura Cummings, 5, Gasport, NY, fourth place winner in the 5-6 age group. Laura’s billboard is in Gasport, NY, located at Route 31, Gasport Road near North Canal Road.

8. Robin Newman, 12, Madison, AL, fourth place winner in the 11-12 age group. Robin’s billboard is in Madison, AL, Highway 20 near Westchester Drive.

9. Taylin Crosen, 8, Winchester, VA, fourth place winner in the 7-8 age group. Taylin’s billboard is located on Rt. 50, six miles west of Winchester.

10. Valentina Whelan, 11, Valrico, FL, second place winner in the age 11-12 age group. Valentina’s billboard is located in Lakeland, FL, near a power plant her father works at on ES Service Road 37, two miles N of Shepherd Rd.

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