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Introducing Napo, the star of an animated series of video shorts that centers on a worker who, as the dupe in situations over which he has no control,  identifies hazards or risks, then makes good suggestions to improve safety and work organization.

Napo and his partners express themselves with a wordless but explanatory language. Culturally, they are “neutral” and therefore anyone can identify with them. Their stories have an educational value. They provoke questions and stimulate debate on specific aspects of safety at work and sometimes provide practical solutions or the path that leads to those solutions.

The films are not designed to provide comprehensive coverage of a topic, nor should they be seen as training or teaching films. The Napo series is not the universal key to solve all safety problems. Napo is not a safety expert nor is his point of view that of the safety professional. Napo is a tool to introduce and engage young children to the idea being safe while you work.